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Romeo And Juliet: Part 2
Romeo And Juliet: Part 2

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Part Two: The Garden of the Capulets

Romeo went to the party with Benvolio and his friend, Mercutio. They

were all wearing masks. It was very dangerous for the Montagues and their

friends to go to a party in the house of the Capulets.

'I cannot wait to see fair Rosaline,' said Romeo as they approached

the house.

Lord Capulet welcomed them. 'Come in, gentlemen. Dance and drink and

eat. Enjoy yourselves.' He did not recognise the son of his enemy, Lord


He spoke to all the guests. 'Now, girls, dance to the music. When I was

younger, I whispered sweet things in the ears of the ladies. But now I am

old. My dancing days are finished. I will sit here with the old people and talk

about the past.'

As they went into the house, Romeo saw Juliet for the first time. He forgot

Rosaline! He fell in love!

'Who is that lady?' asked Romeo. 'She is more beautiful than the moon. She

is like a bright jewel in the darkness. She is like a dove among crows has

never loved until now.'

But Tybalt recognised Romeo's voice. 'It is a Montague. Bring me my

sword. It is a great insult for a Montague to come here to laugh at our party. I

will kill him.'

'What's the matter, Tybalt?' asked Lord Capulet. 'That man in the mask is a

Montague, uncle.'

'Be calm, Tybalt. Is it Romeo? He has a good reputation in Verona. This is a

party. I want no trouble in my house. Let him enjoy himself.'

'No, uncle. He is our enemy.'

'Don't be cheeky, young man. I am the master in this house. You must do

as I say.'

Tybalt did not agree but he did not want to make Lord Capulet angry. 'I will

leave the party. I cannot stay here with a Montague in the room. But I will not

forget. Romeo will have a good time tonight but tomorrow he will pay!'

Romeo went to Juliet and talked to her. He did not know who she was. He

took her hand gently in his.

'My lips are ready to kiss you,' he said softly.

'I do not know you,' protested Juliet.

'I must kiss you,' insisted Romeo.

'Here I am,' said Juliet. 'My lips are here.'

Romeo kissed Juliet. He kissed her a second time. Then the Nurse came to

take Juliet to her mother.

'That is Juliet. She is a Capulet,' the Nurse told Romeo. Romeo was very

surprised and upset. He was in love with the daughter of the enemy of his


'Quickly, let's go,' said Benvolio. 'It is dangerous here.' Juliet asked the

Nurse, 'Who is that young man?' 'That is Romeo. He is a Montague.'

Juliet was also very surprised and upset. She was in love with the son of the

enemy of her family.

'We can never get married,' she thought.

After they left the party, Mercutio and Benvolio looked for Romeo.

'Look! He is there in the shadows.What is he doing?' saidMercutio.

'He is jumping the wall. He is going into the garden of the Capulets.'

Mercutio called out. 'Romeo! Madman! Lover! He is going to look for


'Quiet! You will make him angry,' said Benvolio. 'His love is blind.'

Mercutio laughed. 'Good night, Romeo. He is probably sitting under a tree,

dreaming about that girl. He is mad.'

Mercutio and Benvolio went home. The night was silent.

In the dark garden, Romeo suddenly saw a light. Juliet was standing on her

balcony. 'She is beautiful,' he thought. 'Her eyes are stars. They give light to

the night. Her glove touches her cheek —I would like to be her glove!'

Juliet began to speak to the night. She did not know that Romeo was


'Ah, Romeo,' she sighed.

'Speak again, angel,' he whispered.

'0 Romeo, Romeo! Why is your name Romeo? Let's change our names.

Then we can love. Forget that you are a Montague. Or, if you love me, I will

not be a Capulet. Montague and Capulet are only names. A rose can have any

name. It always smells sweet.'

Romeo called out. 'I will change my name for you.'

'Who's there?' asked Juliet. 'Who is listening in the middle of the night?'

'I will not tell you my name because it is your enemy.'

'I know your voice. Are you Romeo? But how did you get over the garden


'Love gave me wings. No walls can shut out love.'

'If my family find you, they will murder you.'

'The night hides me. I am safe. Love has sent me here to you.'

Romeo and Juliet talked together. Romeo knew Juliet's secret — she loved

him. They decided to get married secretly.

'Will you be true?' asked Juliet.

'Yes, my darling,' replied Romeo. 'I promise by the moon.'

'But the moon changes. Will your love change?' 'Never. I will always love

you. Do you love me?'

'I told the night that I loved you and you heard me. But I wish I had been


'Have you changed your mind?'

'No, my love is as deep as the sea. But I must go. The Nurse is calling.

Good night, Romeo.'

'Good night, Juliet.'

The Nurse called: 'Juliet! Juliet!'

'I'm coming, Nurse. Good night.'

'Good night.'

'It is very sad and very sweet to say good night. But tomorrow, we will be


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