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My Mother
My Mother

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A story of a suppressed girl, depressed wife, tolerance mother and neglected grandmother, who is in real life my mother.Once upon a time she was a girl as she described her pain regarding her independence; as she was so beautiful so her brother was very much suspicious about her, restricted her from going to school, even from going anywhere with her friend on any occasion, and then decided to get her married at a very early age.

In second part of her life as a wife, she described with sorrow that, she never was happy due to her husband's brother as he couldn't accept my mother; my father had nothing to say, he was a drunkard. They tortured my mother.

The third stage of life as a mother, she gave everything in her life to and made sacrifice for me and my elder brother, but my elder brother left his mother to stay with his wife. My mother and my father almost broke down but I tried to fill the blank yet I know it is not possible as every time she called me she took my elder brother's name.

In fourth stage of life as a grandmother, she is presently very much sick as he is suffering from ILD with rheumatoid arthritis which is a lungs disease. Recently my father died so she is very alone. I"m staying with her and feel very much sorrow for her entire life and recently I am suffering from many disease.My wife is also not taking care of her; even she is not ready to let her child sleep with grandmother at night, but my child wants to sleep with her. Same thing happened with my elder brother's wife and child.

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