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Dreams To Die For
Dreams To Die For

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'India', is it structured the way our elders, our leaders expected it to be? Are we satisfied with its growth? Is it going well with the development programmes? Do we stand a fair chance to discover, develop India? All these questions have just one answer that is 'NO'. A big NO.

A thought is to be given whether we even tried to do so. We did not even bother to give our level best, infact we never endowed any efforts to fulfill the dreams of our great leaders. Our leaders who set us free from clutches of the British deserve respect and it would be given to them by making India a better place to live, a fabulous place to love, an extremely busy road to success. So busy road that every single Indian, in its run to achieve great goals could hear his/her own breaths. And make it so much sure that they never feel of giving up and if they feel so, they will remember that 'why they started'.

It doesn't take much to do. It just takes 21 days to develop a new habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle.

Our leaders didn't expect much. They just wanted to gift the future generations a better India. And we people, this 21st century generation has failed to produce such students or such individuals who could have been a feather in the crown. From now on, the sky is not the limit, we need to fly higher and higher than anyone else. Why? To make India an inspiring story to other nations. Doing so doesn't demand much, it just wants to deliver with all efforts and more effort is appreciable in whichever field you work, whatsoever work you do, do it with a single aim, single motive i.e. Sculpting India the way our great leaders dreamt of.

A great saying goes like this, 'The land wasn't gifted to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children'. And no parent would think of letting his/her son/daughter in a nation that's not even worth living.

Let's take a pledge, an oath to render our all efforts to make India a Happy Country. We can achieve this goal as in for myself, I'm a student, I'll study hard and even harder and won't be satisfied with a 9 to 5 job. I'll take up internship in a reputed firm and gather experience and I'll definitely end up being a good entrepreneur who loves his country and would work and make his staff work for the development, upliftment and upgradation of his motherland India. This is my dream. I'll give my best by this process. But now all the students like me need to get into the mode and develop such ideas to see a better tomorrow. Most importantly make others enjoy a happy tomorrow and we being the root cause behind others' happiness.

We don't need high upgradation in the technology to be successful, we need open, creative, motivated mindsets that could help achieve the common goal. It's said 'Together everyone achieves more'. So we need to get together as one team, India as one team to make sure we see a better tomorrow, better day after tomorrow, and best ever after. We don't need only engineers or doctors who would take the initiative. Every single Indian as a mature individual of independent India needs to take an oath and step into the war field to develop and grow and make a firm mindset behind that there's no way to back off. Only way to quit the war is to win it. That's all what our young people must know. Team effort can definitely sculpt a Better India, a Happy India and India Of Our Dreams.



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