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Life and its multifaceted derivatives have much to offer. Having a belief, should we really categorize everything in terms of right and wrong. I kept on wondering about this since my childhood. But with passing time, I really forgot to find the solution of my inner puzzles.

On Sunday, I was going to attend a college seminar. It was a seminar which was being conducted by a renowned professor. The topic of the seminar was Perspective. I have used this word many times but it never tucked in my heartstrings. Before attending the seminar, I seriously thought to reflect a bit about this term. I looked into a dictionary to find the meaning of it. The Dictionary defined it in terms of a point of view and attitude. I got baffled thinking that what more could be taught on something called Perspective.

The fine day came, and I dressed very formally to attend the much-awaited seminar. And when the renowned professor stepped to the podium to continue the seminar, I could feel that his presence has changed the aroma of the room. Everything was looking very bright and positive. Wow, I thought to myself, his aura must be really great.

The turning point came when he started delivering his speech. And guess what it was not at all boring but was filled with uniqueness and fun. He gave an example to us instead of defining the word itself. I still remember his every word that brightened my vision and enlightened my soul.

He told us a story, the story of a boy called Abdul. Abdul belonged from a financially weak family. Neither he was intelligent nor did he have any unique talent. He was eldest of five children. His parents had their high hopes tied to him. Abdul tried his best to study but he couldn’t even get double digit marks. His parents were disappointed in him. But Abdul never panicked in his life.

He looked at everything as they are guiding him to somewhere. He took everything on a positive note. A time came when in an accident his parents died. Now, he was left alone with his five siblings. Strangely, Abdul still never cried because if had cried he knew that his siblings who were very small would do the same. Instead, he used to tell them good comic stories.

Abdul realized that in order to live, instead of blaming the destiny or cursing the circumstances, he needed to see the shining light of life. Not for once, he condemned his life. His urge to live on and to be successful was stronger than the hurdles he faced.

He looked at everything as a challenge, a challenge given by the universe for his sustenance, and to realize the worth of life. And today, Abdul is a very successful professor standing in front of you all giving a lecture, said the professor.

Perspective is a belief and a phenomenon that allows you to have a fair horizon and direction in your life about everything and anything. Do not judge anything, just live it as long as you can because once you delve into ashes, only your perspective remains engraved, concluded the Professor Abdul.

When I came out after attending this seminar, I saw professor Abdul leaving in an ambulance. And next day I heard the news of his death. He had blood cancer. More than his words, his death changed my vision.

I just wondered if I could even become a 10 percent of a man he was, by adopting his perspective. If I can, then I will really be blessed forevermore.


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