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To All Those Sad People There
To All Those Sad People There

© Hargun Singh


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To all those sad people out there,

There is one paradox which

When solved can solve the

Greatest of all problems and

Paradoxes which have ever existed.

And that is realising your

True essence. You fall so deep

In friendship and relationships that you don't realise you've

Changed without the intention

To do so. That cool feeling in

Your breath vanishes and

Reaches a level when you don't realise what's actually

Happening to you. And to tell

You what happens, you do lose friends, lovers and people who you thought

Would not forget you at any moment, on any occasion.

Those talks and those memories remain nothing but

Heart throbbing reminisces, never to come again, never in your life.

But let's become pragmatic and not miss the chance to self

Introspect. Let's make the most of this opportunity called life.

You do not know whether you'll get it again. The people who

Want to stay will stay. And if you think there is no one like

That, then talk to someone who you feel can help you deal

With the situation. If you are still uncomfortable,

Then spend time with nature because it's a

Mother in disguise and nothing is greater than a mother's love.

And remember to be with those who respect you. And just by

The way, I'm also going

Through the very same thing as you are. And I'm ready to

Interact with you and to be

Honest, with anyone like you.

Keep your hope alive, because where there is hope, there is life

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