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The Adventures Of Andy The Ant
The Adventures Of Andy The Ant

© Dhanushree Anisetty


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Once there lived an ant called Andy he had many strange things happening in his life this is one of them.

Andy had a very old cupboard it had many spider webs and dust in store room of his house. Andy did not clean it because a saintly ant said if you touch the cupboard something bad will happen to you. Andy was now wondering what will happen if I touch it. Should I touch it or not? Andy decided to touch the cupboard to see what happens, he was also little frightened. He got up from the chair and slightly touched it nothing happened, he again touched it, just then in between the cupboard a big hole appeared. Andy was being pushed inside suddenly he lost control and fell into the hole he thought ‘Whatever adventure am I going to have, it better not be ghosts!' When he came out of the hole he came to a strange place. It was very dark place with big.. big.. snakes which slithered with dangerous red eyes and spooky tongue.

All the water that can be suddenly froze. Ants with ghost eyes and ghost bodies came from the spooky huts. They all gathered and stared at Andy it looked like ghost ants were going to attack him. He ran for his life and hid behind a cherry bush. He took two cherries put it on his eyes and applied mud all over his body and looked like a real ghost. He came out his hideout and no one recognized him. He made friends with ghost ant called Ronny. Ronny thought magic like expect, diage, acio, patrinoee etc. One day cherries and mud came off from his body. Everyone knew the truth now and they reported to the enemy of enemies ‘ Donald, the king of ghost ants. He called Andy for an Ant fight.

Andy waved his wand and said “expecto” a secret weapon hit but Donald knew how to unpower the weapon. He said “digo” and shield blew off. Andy said acio and vanished. He ran behind Donald and said “digo” and Donald blew off. The other ants became normal and Andy felt he was pushed back and he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes he was back home. The old cupboard also vanished from store room.

Fantasy Magic Adventure Andy

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