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Ch 3. Dehradoon Memories
Ch 3. Dehradoon Memories

© surbhi Talreja

Abstract Drama

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‘Wow, girls just look there’, Kriti said while pointing towards the birds flying in the deep blue skies. ‘I will show you all my swimming skills’ said Alisha and jumped in the pool. Both Alisha and Kriti was enjoying swimming while Nia was watching the birds. ‘It is beautiful’ said Nia while feeling the cold breeze passing through her hairs.

‘Come on Nia, the water is awesome, let’s relax in’ said Alisha.

‘No guys I will just walk down the trails you guys enjoy swimming’ replied Nia.

After spending four hours there, they were exhausted and decided to go to a nearby club.

‘One tequila sunrise and two sake bomb beer’ Alisha ordered her favourite alcohols.

‘Hey girls, bombs for my bombs’.

‘What! Are you mad Alisha sunrise for you and beer for us, not fair’ said Kriti?

‘Take or shake’ giggled Alisha.

The atmosphere was filled with trance music, and everyone was dancing. ‘Wow, this new club is fantastic' said Nia, taking a sip from her beer.

They danced all night until it was four in the morning.

‘Abhi Zinda hun pee le ne do bhari barsaat mein jeele ne do’ “I am alive today so let me drink, let me live in the thunderous rains” Alisha sang as she was wiggling like a leaf, she had gulped at least 7 drinks, and now she was not in her senses to move any further. ‘I think we should drive to the hotel now’ Kriti said. ‘Yes, Alisha has almost lost her balance, she needs rest, let's drive back to the hotel’ Nia said smilingly. They headed towards their hotel.

(Next day)

‘Get up Alisha, we have come for the trip, you can sleep any other day’ Nia shouted while looking at the watch. It was already 10 A.M. and girls had so much to do. ‘It is so cold here’ said Alisha. ‘Do not worry girls, I have brought some whisky with me, we will gulp some before going out in the cold.’ Kriti said. ‘Best idea’. ‘God! I am caught between fools. Help me’ Nia cried. Arrey my sherni (lioness) drink some whisky and become risky’ said Alisha. Okay! All three of them set forth on their next destination


“Udhe Khule aasman mein khwaboon ke parinde, udhe dil ke jahaan mein khwaboon ke parinde”. The birds of my dreams are flying in the open skies, The birds of my dreams are flying in the kingdom of hearts. They sang while driving on the enthralling Mall Road. ‘I am hungry’ Nia said. ‘Let us go to the famous Maggi Point; I have heard a lot about it’ Alisha said. ‘Oye, accha when did you hear about it, your father hardly allows you to go out; Kriti said. ‘You do not have to worry, I have contacts with many Pahari people’ Said Alisha and all of them laughed uncontrollably.

‘So here we arrive at the Maggi point’, Nia said. They ordered three bowls of spicy Maggi and enjoyed the mountain views, remembering good old times of their friendship, schools, tuitions and hangouts. ‘I am enjoying this trip a lot, now what is the next plan’, Kriti said. ‘This is our last day girls, and I have heard a lot about Cloud end’, So let move towards our next and last destination of the trip- Clouds End’, Nia said as she drove out of the Maggi point.

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