Anything To Be With You

Anything To Be With You

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In the  morning tea-time conversation between a couple:

The husband said, "I think you forgot to add sugar to the tea."

The wife replied, "I did add. I remember well."

"But  it doesn't taste good."

"You take so many medicines every day. They seem to have spoilt your taste. I am having the same tea and it tastes fine."

"Please add one more spoon in my cup."


The next Day.

"What is this baby? It's bland again. No sugar!"

"What is your issue? Okay, I am again adding one spoon each in both our cups. Fine now?"

"Let me taste it."

"No, it’s just the same. I think you are right. The medicines have affected my palate. I will have to learn to live with this. Sigh!"

Days passed with the same bland tea.

After 6 months, his health reports came normal. The doctor had advised him to reduce his sugar intake.

"I am so happy today. My sugar levels are normal. Let's go out for a coffee."

In the café-

"Wow! This coffee tastes amazing and I don’t feel any missing sugar in it like in your tea."

The wife started laughing. The confused husband stared at her puzzled.

"What is there to laugh?"

"Darling the tea we have been drinking for 6 months had no sugar in it at all. The doctor had told that only if you control your sugar levels you  could avoid getting diabetic."

"But you always added that one spoon of sugar I asked for."

"It was not sugar. It was dry milk powder."

"Oh my! You fooled me like hell. But wait, this means that you were also having your tea without sugar?"

"Yes, darling. Anything to comfort you and to be with you all my life. And if you can live with no sugar, so can I."

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