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Once a meeting of animals was going on in the forest. Everyone was feeling happy and comfortable. Suddenly a stag came to the king lion and said god has given me beautiful horns, but he has given me very ugly legs. A horse came forward and lamented that legs are not so important; I have strong and healthy legs but my tail is not beautiful. Hearing this, the peacock began lamenting my tail is really beautiful. Because of my pretty feathers on my tail I can dance in rainy season but god has not done justice to my voice. I have hoarse voice.

The nightingale said oh no! Voice is not everything. I have sweet voice but I do not have beautiful appearance. A deer was hearing all this.  He also found a chance to complain against god. He said I am so unfortunate that I have a beautiful body but I have no power. God has given all the power to king lion only.

The loin was listening to all the comments restlessly. When he heard about himself he said friends do not grumble about your luck. God has given different things to different creatures. And remember every one serves a different purpose. A stag has beautiful antlers but ugly legs. But it is these ugly legs that have saved him from me so many times and look at his ungratefulness he is sorry for his legs. Likewise every animal has his own place in the universe. Everyone went away satisfied.

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