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Westsheild And Beyond
Westsheild And Beyond

© Sarrah Hararwala


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Westsheild was a huge chunk of land on a massive planet named Hexa. It was surrounded by never ending  seas. It was an unexplored planet beyond the Milky Way. The habitants on this island were exceptionally tall, and fair; the westins were encaptured by boundless seas. Whoever decided to journey beyond the seas never seemed to return. But it could be the bravest act any Westin could perform and one of these was Jane Kape. She was a young seventeen year old Westin who was courageous enough to journey beyond the reef. But it wasn’t the easiest job to do so, as you must buy your own  boat and make up your own survival tools. All of this was not highly advised by the Westsheild ministry as they were not willing to lose any more westins. But they were given the liberty to choose between life and death. Jane was a special westin as it was genetically followed that every Kape was supposed to be given the post of head chief in the Westsheild ministry. But  Jane decided to stop this hierarchical tradition. Her imagination and thoughts were unique compared to the other westins as also the wrong ideas stuffed into their minds. About beliefs that whoever went to explore the seas was dead or lost in the sea forever. But a very few even dared  imagining it a different way that it could also happen that the westins went beyond the reef may have reached to another country a better living. Anyone who thought this way usually decided to pack their requirements and begin their voyage. And this way Jane started preparing for her rough and tough adventure. She had been planning for this since the day her thoughts escaped out of the island and beyond when she was just fifteen. She was to set off the next night itself. Her family insisted her not to go but Jane was adamant on her decision. She sneaked out in pitch darkness  and  was ready with her yatch on the shore with a bag of clothes and food to last her a few weeks. She also carried a shoulder bag with her survival tools and her lucky charm tied around her neck. She was probably the youngest westin to go beyond the seas. She kept on sailing until the  sun rose in front of her as if it was coming out of the sea. Her journey was smooth and steady until the evening when she saw a huge tentacle crawl onto her canoe. And suddenly a gigantic tentacled creature  appearing out of the blue. It seemed to be scared  by the appearance of Jane as it mustn’t have ever seen any terrestrial creature  or something like a canoe. The creature thus squid its ink on the canoe causing  all her supplies to get ruined. Although she had  to stay hungry for a night, the young  westin did not give up. As she sailed she  met with a storm.  Grey clouds blanketed the seas  and huge waves  started hitting her canoe hard. It was difficult to keep balance on the canoe but Jane somehow  managed to keep up until a wave bigger and stronger than the rest abruptly hit the canoe. She fainted and was swept away with the waves. When she gained consciousness, she found herself coated in sand under a palm tree on a shore. She assumed that now she had even lost her survival tools. At first she thought she was back home in Westsheild but then she noticed that palm trees never grew in Westsheild. She went far, far into the lush  forest collecting fruits and berries to satisfy her hunger. Then  suddenly a familiar music attracted her towards a large covering of leaves. As she moved forward  to the leaves,  she saw shadows moving behind them. She very slowly swung  the leaves apart and saw an incredible sight causing her to smile and shout out in excitement. What  she saw was a miniature of Westsheild. She realized today was the annual  fest of the westins.  The lost westins were dancing around a bonfire. She met a female westin along the way and told her westsheild’s  condition. The westin told herself to be Melissa and took her to her house. Jane told mellisa that all westins were worried about the lost ones. So Jane suggested everybody on this island should go back to where they belong. Mellisa told Jane that the lost westins were helpless as they did not have any canoes to travel back to Westsheild either. Then Mellisa told Jane that she could make an announcement where all lost westins can help us to make an ark big enough for everyone to sail back. After that they formed a wooden ark which took a month to be constructed. Their journey back to Westsheild was easy. When they returned to Westsheild a festival of joy was celebrated. The wrong ideas were abolished from westins minds.  And then they sailed to different islands and countries  and so…… The westins explored happily ever after.

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