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First Day – First View
First Day – First View

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On her first day to office, Sara was getting ready with full enthusiasm. Filled with blessings of her parents and almighty, she started.

When she reached the entrance of her office. she was checked for her ID card by security guards and she was asked to scan her bag.

Bag was scanned to check for metal items, Media items, Pen drive. These items are not allowed inside premises without prior authorization.

But Sara had a pen drive, which was found while scanning. She was asked to hand it over to security room with her details and to collect it when she leaves the premises.

Sara did as directed by security guards. Then she entered the premises swiping her ID card.

Later, Sara reached the floor, which was informed by her project manager. She tried to swipe her ID card on that floor, to open the gates, Sara found that her ID card was not having access to enter.

Then Sara called her project manager. Her project Manager came out and greeted her with smile, But she was fully confused by seeing her ID without access. Instead of expressing her tension, she smiled at him.

Then Sara’s project manager asked her to enter her details in Security book on the table and told her, “You will not have ODC access, unless and until you are confirmed to be the part of this project”. Once you are confirmed to this project, I will request for your access to admin, and he will approve it, till then you have to update in security book and project manager should also sign in it”. After hearing it, Sara felt a sigh of relief.

After completing all these procedures, Sara and Manager entered the ODC. They were discussing about the project and the importance of her support to team.

Later, Sara was introduced to her Team and was taken to her seat. After having a basic introduction with her teammates regarding them and work they are doing, she met her project manager and said “I am interested in continuing in this project” .

After hearing it, Sara’s project manager raised all the project access required for her to be a part in project.

After a few hours, Sara’s project manager informed her about the approval of her access. At the end of first day, with much excitement of meeting too many new people and learning too many things she reached the gate of the office and collected her pen drive which she submitted morning.

After reaching home, Sara shared all the incident that happened in her office to her parents. She felt that she is in right spot to achieve great things.

Moral of the story:

First day is the one which is not same as other days. On First day, We cannot predict what is good or bad but we can view what the outline is. It’s just like opening an awaited treasure box.

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