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She Said "I'M Expensive"
She Said "I'M Expensive"

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Dating. Every teenager has dated or been in a relationship with someone or the other at least once or twice. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have been single since 1999. I'm a timid guy, not many friends, love those who are with me. When the matter comes to girls, I'm not super shy but opening up is a bit difficult. I asked this girl out, she's a good friend. I thought taking her on a date would be a good idea. But it all went wrong & I repent not listening to my friend. Let's call her Janice. And My Best Friend Chandler. (I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S) It started on 25th December. Christmas, I was chatting with Janice and she sent me this picture where a guy asked a girl out on a date. She asked me "Why are you not like this?" I said "Okay. Would you want to go out on a date with me?" She said "Okay, Sure". Momentary happiness. This was the first girl I asked out. I texted my best friend Chandler, told him everything. He asked me "Do You Have Cash?" I said "I won't be needing more than 300, will I?" He said "No, that's the minimum you'll need". Now, I had already spent RS.1000 on Christmas Eve, so I couldn't expect any money from my folks. In order to collect money I had to do something. I had less than a week. What do I do? I started doing all household work, getting veggies in the morning, eggs in the evening. I'd always get to keep the change. Chandler told me to do 20-30 bucks a day. I started going to French class every day. I used to save all my lunch money sometimes. I walked home from the station to save RS. 10, it's not too far just 3.5kms. Doing all this I somehow managed to collect 200rs. That's all I had till the 31st & my date was on the 2nd. I hadn't discussed our date till now with Janice, I didn't want to seem desperate. Somewhere I also didn't want to do it, I knew it wasn't going to work out. I asked my cousin if she could lend me 100 bucks, I had always covered for her crimes. She said she'll let me borrow the money. I said "thanks, I'll pray to God that you & your boyfriend patch up". I had to say that, sister-love. It was now the 1st of January, 2017. Chandler asked him if I had asked her about tomorrow's date. I said "Bro, I don't know if I want to, should I really do it? I feel it's all going to go waste". Chandler said "Bro, I think you got shot here, why not take it? Go for it. If you screw up, I got your back nigga!” I texted Janice "Hey are we on for tomorrow?" She said "Ya, sure, Where are you going to take us?", I said "Who's Us?", She said "My Best friend & I!". I was actually pissed off. Girl, I may have been single all my life or this is going to be my first date, I know that a date is between two people, where either one pays for the expenses or in today's independent world: both split. I replied "Dude just taking you, others are just gonna be tagging along." She said "K". I asked her to come at 12 near our college. We both agreed. Chandler was gonna be there too. Unfortunately, my cousin couldn't give me the money, so I just had Rs.200. Cash was now the issue. Chandler couldn't lend me anything because his maa didn't give him any money the entire week. Going on date with 200 bucks is embarrassing, maybe. But I had too. Couldn't chicken out. 2nd January, 2017. It was my exam. Also my date for which I was kind of prepared but not my exam. Got off the train, kept walking towards college. My phone rung, it was Chandler. "Hey Bro, you coming right? Don't back away!" Chandler shouted. I said that I was on my way & asked him to meet me near college but he asked me to come near a café & asked me to call Janice there too. I did all that he said. As soon as I reached there, Right in front of me I saw Janice's friend Monica, I looked to my right I saw Chandler, to my left Janice; All walking towards me. Life felt such cube at the moment. But I walked towards Chandler, hugged him & wished him Happy New Year! Then we walked towards Janice & Monica. Janice & I shaked our hands. She asked me "Where's the treat?" , I chickened out & said I left my wallet at home, Chandler was so pissed at me, Janice was angry. She walked out on me with her friend, and I said to Chandler "Bro, I got my wallet, I didn't feel like doing it", he said "Asshole! You chickened out bitch!" & he called Janice screaming her name! "Janice! Janice! Wait Up", I didn't want to seem rude so even I called out to her. She didn't turn back, Chandler stood there looking at me & suddenly I ran, he ran after me, I removed my wallet, ran towards Janice & Monica, I called her out again, she looked back & I said "I was kidding, of course I got my wallet". She smiled & said "Where are we going?", I said "We could have something right there" pointing towards the café. "I don't wanna eat anything!" she grumbled, I looked at Chandler for a moment, I asked her "What do you wanna do then?", she said "let's drink!", I was so confused at that time & Chandler said "okay, y'all could go to the café, they serve awesome thick shakes!". Janice yelled "No thick shakes, I WANNA GET DRUNK, BUY ME A DRINK, A VODKA WOULD DO, 90ml & Please Get Green Apple", I was shocked, Chandler had this confused expression on his face & Monica said "If you can't do what she said, why'd you ask her out on a date, you shouldn't have!". I had to be quick and take a decision, buying a girl drinks could make you a bad person if there are any screw ups, I looked at Chandler, he asked me to do it. I said "Fine, let's walk to the wine shop, I'll get you whatever you want" Janice smiled & walked on with her friend and I had to stick with Chandler because they were having a deep conversation. Chandler said "Asshole, what kind of dumbass are you?", I said "Excuse me?", He bit his teeth and said "go up to her and talk to her, I'll distract that Monica bitch". I was cool with it, I went up to them and Monica said "Hey, can you buy me a drink too?", I had no money & whatever I had was for Janice so I manned up and said "Nah, I'm sorry, maybe when we go on a date I will" like that was going to happen 😂. She frowned. We reached the wine shop & I went over to the counter and asked for a vodka green apple, he said "No Green Apple but we've got chocolate", I took the chocolate vodka, put it in my pocket & started walking towards the guys. I told Janice that they don't have Green Apple & if she wanted anything else, Janice said "Get me anything but chocolate, I hate it, get me rum". I walked back to the wine shop, returned the Vodka & bought a bottle of white rum. I took the bottle to Janice & asked her if she could handle herself after drinking, she said "I got a hell lot of experience, don't worry". Chandler and I thought that her friend would help her if anything got out of hand but when we looked at her even she had a bottle of Vodka in her hand, we knew we had work. We found an empty street, I mixed the rum for her, gave it to her, she took a sip, gave it back, I took a sip & asked her to keep the bottle. We spoke. She finished her drink so did her friend. Chandler said "Let's go have a thick shake". By now both of these girls showed symptoms of getting drunk. They were tipsy. All of agreed. Both Janice & Monica were walking ahead of me & Chandler. They took a left, Chandler called out to them and said that the café is to the right. They paid no attention. Chandler told me to forget about it. Chandler and I had our shakes and were on our way back to college, to write our paper. We saw both of them eating something. Chandler asked me to keep moving. We moved to our different classrooms. I sat in my class. Talked to my friends. Chandler came in running & screaming. He said come on fast. I said "Where? What's goin on dude?!", he said "Don't ask questions man just come". I stopped at the stairs & said "What the hell is going on?!". Chandler screamed "Janice called. She's not feeling well, she's high, she can't make it here". Before I heard anything else I ran as fast as possible, Chandler was right behind me. We reached there. I saw her right there, sitting, rubbing her eyes, looked like she was crying, I looked for Monica, she was no where in sight. I went up to Janice. "You left me alone, where'd you go? You're such a bad guy" said Janice. "Dude, I went no where, I was right here, what happened, let's go to our class & I'll buy you a lemon drink". She was just like a 10yr old kid at the moment. She started crying, I asked Chandler to get half a lemon, I asked Janice "What happened? Why are you crying?", she said "I don't wanna have a lemon drink, I don't wanna go to our class, how will I go there, I don't know!". She cried even more. Chandler couldn't find a lemon & I couldn't stop her crying. Both of us tried to make her laugh, made weird faces, Chandler started with his stupid jokes. Her crying stopped. She suddenly slapped me. I asked her why did she slap me? She said she doesn't know, it just happened. Chandler spotted Monica, he brought her to take care of Janice. She somehow got her to class. We finished our paper. We went down. Chandler and I again spotted Janice. I asked her if she was going to the station alone, she said yes. I told her I'd accompany her to the station, she said "My totally fine, I can go alone". I insisted, she agreed. She was seriously okay at the moment. We took a taxi to the station. We split the fare. We were walking towards the platform & Janice said "This was the worst date I ever went on! & Who gets 200bucks to a date". I didn't say anything. Her train came, she got on, I waved goodbye, her train started to move and she said "I'm Expensive".


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