'The Last Letter'

'The Last Letter'

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She was very happy that day. Her son was finally returning from that foreign land after four long years. She had done everything that she could have that could please her son: prepared the sweets he loved with her hands that took almost a day's work, arranged his room like he kept it before, not a single thing displaced, wore the saree he had gifted her on her 43rd birthday. She hadn't slept for two days in a row, the excitement and happiness of seeing her son did away with the basic need of a human body -- rest. Now she waited with bated breath to see her son.

The son came home with a different air that she overlooked in the happiness of seeing him, but not for long. She spread her arms to embrace him, but he made a face, said he was tired and went to his room.

She could understand that the long flight had taken a toll on her dear son. She ran to the kitchen and prepared a glass of lime water. As soon as she barged into his room, he spoke, “You should have knocked.” She ignored it and told him to drink it and get over with his headache as she sat by his side. He shifted uncomfortably in his bed which made her stand up. She chose to let him sleep after she saw him trying hard to keep his eyes open.

She prepared his favorite 'Aaloo ke Parantha' for dinner. Her face fell when she saw him all dressed up, coming out of his room. 

“Mom, I'm going to meet my friends. Will be late.” It's okay, we stay together, we can talk anytime, she thought and put the paranthas back in the hot case. After cleaning the kitchen, she sat there, at the dining table, waiting for him to return.

He came back at 4 in the morning. She was awake, but he went straight to his room without even looking at the figure staring at him. He must be sleepy, she thought as she walked over to his room. He was staring at his phone, laughing hysterically. She smiled but chose not to disturb him, yet again.

The next day, she was in for a surprise as she saw him in the kitchen, cooking something. On being asked, he said he was preparing breakfast for both of them. Her joy knew no bounds to see her boy cooking for her. He sat down with her after serving the poha he had made.

He said, “Mom, I know it would be difficult for you, but I want to move out. I need some money.” Colour drained from her face and the spoon fell from her hand. 

“What do you mean, son? Why do you have to move out? Is something troubl...” He cut her before she could complete, “I knew you wouldn't understand!” and walked over to his room.

She knew there was nothing she could do to stop him. She decided that she couldn't let him ruin his and her life's saving by spending it on something he didn't really need. She made up her mind and made a few calls.

Next day, he looked all over for his mother, but he couldn't find her. He was rather irritated than worried. He went to his room and sat on his bed to find a piece of paper, neatly folded.


Dear son, 

I'm sorry for the way I reacted yesterday. I think I wasn't ready for such news. I never meant to be a burden, I was rather hoping to spend the rest of my life taking care of you. 

I was quite disturbed after your father died, as you weren't here to comfort me. I found that comfort, the day you came back from America. But seems like I was blind to not see that my comfort wasn't really the idea of comfort for you. I assume that's how it's like out there and that's how you want it to be.

There is nothing more important to me than to see you happy, and when I can be the reason for the same, there is no way I'm losing it. I know, that to meet my life's goal, I'll have to leave your side and hence you are reading this. 

I know that I'm leaving my husband's house in able hands. Please take care of yourself and the house because nothing's more precious to me than the smile on your face and the pride of your father, his house.

Don't you worry about me because I've served the purpose of my life and there can be no mother happier than me!

Love always,
Your Mother.

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