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What is Happiness?
What is Happiness?

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Raja and Mohan were eight years old, and they were best friends. They were orphans and lived in an orphanage. Though both helped each other, both owned different characters. Raja was strong-minded, always dreamt of becoming rich one day and frequently fought with others complaining about each and everything. On the other hand, Mohan was soft natured, kind and was always happy and accepted whatever he got.


The days passed by and different families adopted both. A farmer adopted Mohan but, Raja was adamant and wanted to go to a wealthy family. So, he waited for a year until he got one. A family with business background adopted him.


Both moved on with their lives. Raja went to the most reputed posh school and got all the amenities. He studied well and soon completed his MBA from IIMA.


On the other hand, Mohan went to the government school in his village. As the village didn't have any colleges, he had to travel up and down daily to go the college in the nearest town. Due to less rainfall that year, his family faced financial crunches. His father became ill thinking about the financial conditions, and he had to discontinue his studies and helped his father in agriculture. Slowly in few years, they improved their condition, and he learnt a lot about farming. He did a lot of crash courses on agriculture, bioproducts, organic farms etc..


In few years, both got married and had kids. Raja took over his father's business, and he sent his two sons to the best schools, and later they went to the UK for higher studies. Whereas, Mohan continued doing agriculture and bought few more farmlands and invested in organic crops. Also purchased few cows and started milk business. He too had two children, one daughter and one son. They went to the same government school where Mohan studied, and later they moved to the city for higher studies.


After few more years, Raja lost his wife due to cancer and felt very lonely. His sons took over his business and expanded. They ran on the modern based concepts and rules. They were so busy that they never had time for Raja. He was in his 60’s and looked back into his life and saw how much he had worked hard to come to this position. He made lots and lots of money, but still, he was not happy. He recalled the days in the orphanage, how he enjoyed his life with Mohan. He decided to find him. He used his contacts and finally found Mohan's address.


Now he was meeting him after 52 years. He gave the address to his driver and told him to take him there. On his journey, he thought about how to introduce himself, how to start the conversation and also purchased few things assuming it's not good to visit him empty handed. He was aware that Mohan, was adopted by a farmer. So, he thought maybe he could help him financially, and that could make him happy.


He reached the village, and it wasn't difficult at all to find his address. He also learnt that he was one of the members of Panchayat now. He felt proud of him.


It was already afternoon, and the car stopped near his house, he got off the car and walked near his door and rang the doorbell. A beautiful young girl opened the door.


He asked, ‘Is Mohan there?’


The girl welcomed him inside and offered a chair to sit and ran inside to call Mohan. Soon a middle-aged lady came and gave him a cold lemon juice.


Mohan came out of his room and asked, ‘Ya tell me, Sir, what can I do for you?'


‘Are you Mohan?' asked Raja with a surprised look.


‘Yes. Do we know each other?'


‘Yes. Very well. Can you guess?’


Mohan took few minutes to recall and said, ‘I am sorry, Sir. Now that I am old, I can't question my memory power.' He chuckled.


‘Hey! Mohan, I am Raja. We lived together in an orphanage remember?’


Mohan was in a shock for few seconds and went and hugged him tightly and said, ‘OMG! Raja. I am so happy that I saw you finally. How did you find me?'


‘It wasn't that difficult. I got your father's address from the orphanage, and as you never moved out of this village, it was easy for me to reach you.'


‘That great. So, please sit. There is so much to talk about.' Both were happy meeting each other. Mohan called his whole family to come and meet him. He introduced his wife, daughter, her husband and their children. Then his son, his wife and their children.'


Raja was shocked to see his complete family living under one roof. So, curiously asked, ‘Everybody lives here? Or they have come for any occasion?’


‘We all live together happily under one roof.' (Chuckled) And asked, ‘So, where is your family? Why didn't you bring them?'


With a sad face, Raja said, ‘I lost my wife recently. She had cancer. My both sons are busy running our family business, and I hardly see them around. I hardly see their kids too as they are studying in boarding schools.'


‘Oh! Don’t worry. Now that you are here, you are my guest and let’s enjoy just like the old times.’


Soon, Mohan’s wife called them for lunch, and everybody sat together and had lunch. Later, Mohan took him around the house to show his house garden where they grew their vegetables, and fruits and also his cowshed. Soon they took a walk to his farmlands and Raja was surprised to see Mohan owning 10 acres of land


‘Wow! I never thought you would own such a big land?’


‘Why? Because I was a farmer's son?' asked politely.


‘No! I was just…' trying to find words.


Mohan chuckled and said, ‘It's ok Raja. I understand. It wasn't difficult for me to buy this. I had to discontinue my education because of my financial condition.’


‘Then what did you do?’


‘I strongly believed in myself. After helping my father in this agricultural land. I fell in love with it. I wanted to improve. So, took whatever courses I could in related to agriculture and implemented on my land. Gradually got results. I was patient, and it rewarded me.'


‘I understand and respect your handwork. But why are your children still living here in this village? I can give them jobs in my company if you don't mind. What have they studied?'


‘My daughter has done her PhD in Economics, and my son has done BA in English Honours.'


'Really? Then why are they still here?'


'I had to travel every day to town to go to college. So, I have built a college in our village, and my children and their spouse take care of it.'


‘Wow! I am so proud of you Mohan. You are fortunate that you have your entire family with you in your old age days. I always ran behind money and found a lot of it but somewhere lost my happiness. I feel lonely as I don't have anyone around.'


‘Hey! Now you are part of our family. Enough of working, now let's enjoy our old age together exactly like our old days. We will be delighted if could stay with us.'


Raja was craving for happiness, so he agreed and lived with them happily. Finally, Raja found his true happiness enjoying the village life, giving guest lectures to the students in their college and helping Mohan in his farmland etc.. This was just the beginning of his new life.

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