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© Deya Das

Drama Tragedy

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Rani was sitting quietly in one corner. There were so many people coming and going out of the house. 

Some she knew, some she didn't. She occasionally went to someone she knew,sniffed them a little. No one was really happy to see her today. They seemed tensed, she could tell.

She too felt differently. Usually any stranger coming into her house urged her to make a lot of noise. But today, she did not feel the urge to make a move. She just sat quietly. She felt drained, maybe sad too. She didn't understand why.

In one of the bedrooms, Veera was lying on the floor. A lot of people sat surrounding her. Rani occasionally went and smelled her. She tried to lick her hands, her cheeks. She always woke up when Rani did this.

Today she wasn't moving. No matter how much she tried. Her skin was cold. Her smell was different. Rani didn't like it. She was afraid. She wanted to wake her up. She tried, but she couldn't.

She went back to the corner, sat quietly again. People kept coming and going. In the afternoon, someone came and gave her some food. She didn't eat.

One of Veera’s sons came later in the afternoon. Rani saw him after a long time. She went running to him. But he didn’t stop to see her. He went straight inside. After a while he came to Rani, hugged her and cried. Rani wanted to lick his face; she wanted to make him happy. She wanted to tell him that she too felt sad.

In the evening Veera was taken out in a different kind of bed. She was still not moving.

As they took Veera, Rani watched from the balcony. There were too many noises; there were too many smells;

there were too many humans. But Rani didn't care. The one human she wanted to be with, was being taken away. And she couldn't do anything. 

She just sat still, until Veera was gone...

still sad bed watch cried lick

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