Eagle's Vision

Eagle's Vision

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One day a female eagle was flying over a place where some hens and chickens were living. At that time the eagle was pregnant. Because of some shock, her 2 eggs fell down from her stomach. She picked one egg and flew away. One hen went and sat on top of other egg left over there, started incubating and thus slowly developing motherly affection for that eagle’s egg. In course of time, the baby eagle named Saira slowly grew wings and became very strong and outgrew the other chickens. Now, all the chicken and the hens felt complete protection as no other preying animal approached the chickens.

Now the other eaglet named Maira which was with her mother also grew up and learnt the lessons of life being with her mother. Fortunately, both eaglets were siblings and by destiny became friends and also the hens and chickens had no objection as they were getting completely secured. Now what, whenever Maira tried to get Saira to her real being like eagles Saira never showed interest and never even tried to fly as she used to think that she belongs to the very place and she didn't even imagine that she is a eagle by birth because of her different features and surroundings. She was very proud about herself that she can save her friends and that is enough.

The time passed by and both grew older and it was difficult for them to survive because of their heavy feathers, curved talons and beak. Maira told Saira that they have to regrow and told the procedure but Saira behind her in own attitude thinking that it would be painful, denied to do so and leaves Maira alone then Maira having the eagle's vision did the arrangement of her food and hid herself in the rocks near to the place where Saira used to live. She plucked out her wings and knocked off its own beak by banging it against a rock, plucked out its talons and served on the stored food. It was very painful!!!

Meanwhile, the vultures attacked over the hens and chickens but by that time Saira was so weak that she couldn't save herself and her friends and then there came a giant eagle with fierce fire in her eyes with the same strength and even more stronger and that's Maira. She won the fight, saving the lives. She signified that she was the real queen in birds.


A human's life is just the same as that of eagle. It's all about realizing your own potential. If you have faith in yourself then you can do anything. Be a good listener as your well wishers will try to make you realize the things few times but at the end they will give up too. There are times in your life that you must look back and take good or bad stock of your life. Life tests you in every way. You will feel that there is nothing left now. But there is a trick my friend!! If you feel weak at very time you will seek others help and even the things that are nothing in your eye will drown you. That is the best time to realize your potential and be a true leader because great leaders are the ones that always do “checks and balances” of their personal and professional lives and keep a vision about their today and secure their tomorrow. Success doesn't come with money. But if you are happy and living your life as a leader keeping the family and friends happy then you are successful.

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