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The Java Hero 2
The Java Hero 2

© Charu Vashishtha Gulati


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It was a Saturday afternoon, I and Irim were as usual listening to a discourse by Dahaliya about how world is world is unfair to woman folk. She described how a Major project she was working on, was to be passed on to another male colleague who was her boss's buddy.

"But, tell you what, I didn't let that happen. The poor guy could not understand my java code and didn't have the guts to ask for my help. When it comes to Java, I am the best. The project is now back in my capable hands. " smiled Dahaliya.

Dahaliya, often came across as a bitter person, her life struggle had made her so. But God, she had an indomitable spirit with which she could overcome any hardships. She would never sit back and cry but rather stand up for her cause.

"Dahaliya, You remind me of Varsha Vashisht from the book, Mujhe Chand Chahiye"

"Mujhe Chand Chahiyee… how tacky. Do you read Hindi novels ?"

"A few, especially the ones which are my father’s favorites . Rest, I am into English full time."

"Hmm that I can see." Said Dahaliya as she tried to bind her unruly hair into a pony.

"So what about it?" continued Dahaliya.

"What? About Varsha Vashisht, she’s a lower middle-class girl with huge aspirations."

"And pray what becomes of her?"

"She goes on to become a very successful actress."

"Hmm…It must be quite tough for to do that. I struggled a lot to delve into seemingly innocuous books. I had a hard time convincing my folks that there can be a life for girls other than that in the kitchen. And they still aren’t convinced yet."

Dahaliya paused and then spoke again with some emotion.

"I want to make them proud It. So that I can set an example. So that the fate my younger female cousins would change. They would have a freedom to make a career. Freedom to make choice."

I looked at Dahaliya. she seemed so deep and profound. It seemed like a sacrilege to share with her my romantic inclinations towards Vineet. I wondered how she would remark if she got to know that I was desperately seeking ways to entice the guy. "A male sycophant!", she would call me.

But only she knew that my passion was as grave and profound like her. To seek the unattainable . The unattainable guy.

Nevertheless, she was indeed my hero. The Java heroine".

Java Hero Coding

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