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"Hey...... wait!! You forgot your helmet," Aisha screamed.

"Oh, thanks so much dear. I just love this about you," Vivek said with a wink in his eyes.

"It's too cold today morning and I forgot my jacket," Aisha said with a disappointment in her eyes.

"Ah, don't you worry baby, I have a spare jacket in my bag. Take that out," Vivek said in a caring manner.

Aisha took the cream coloured soft jacket out and held it up to him with bright sparkling eyes that said,"Please help me wear it, I would love it if you do it for me."

Vivek put his bike on its stand and then helped her wear the jacket. She was struggling with the zip when he held her fingers tightly, tugged them and pulled the zip up.

"There you go..." he said, arranging the collar properly.

Aisha smiled and looked straight into his eyes with love. This small act made her feel extremely comfortable. She thought,"This guy cares so much for me."

He turned her around and said, "Look in this rear view mirror, how smart you look wearing my jacket."

Aisha looked at her reflection and smiled. That very smile which he could die for.

"Chalo... enough of admiring. We’ve got to hurry," Vivek said sitting on his bike and indicated her to sit behind.

He kick-started beginning of the day, for Aisha as well as for the bike. The noise of the engine echoed in the dead silence of the morning. Chilling breeze hit their faces.

Aisha had put a clip on her hair but to feel that breeze through her hair she let it open and enjoyed the ride. She put her hands on his shoulder for a firm grip.

Vivek tilted his head a bit and said, "I like it."

She smiled and he put the rear view mirror properly to look at her face as she was going through various emotions while he drove with a great speed yet with caution. She didn't realize that he was watching her intermittently.

There were just some street dogs barking, the yellow street lights which were still switched on seemed to fade with the light of the dawn. The crows seemed restless at dawn.

The roads were wet with dew drops and mist that had condensed. The bike moved smoothly making a slightly splashy sound due to the water that had condensed on the road.

"Another half an hour, honey, and we'll be there," Vivek removed his helmet cap and told Aisha.

Aisha giggled, "I don't mind roaming around like this without going anywhere. You drive really well."

What could have been more appreciative than this for Vivek from his girl. His was proud and joyful. He felt triumphant again. The first time had been when she had proposed to him and later he had accepted her love. She was that girl who had brought love in his life.

Half an hour post the amazing bike ride, there they were standing on top of a hill and looking at the hills covered with clouds. There was a mixture of black, green, blue and white. Somewhere between the white sky there was a tint of crimson which indicated that it was close to day break.

"I never knew this place existed. How did you manage to find something so mysterious and romantic?" Aisha exclaimed.

"Ahem, mysterious? Yes, I guess so but romantic, I don’t to understand that," Vivek said with sham innocence.

"Ah!! You will never understand what's romantic," Aisha said punching Vivek on his biceps.

"Man, your fists are strong," Vivek said, rubbing his arms.

He held her fist strongly cupping them into his right hand and pulled her close, tugged her by holding her lower back and then looked straight into her eyes. Her hands and her body wriggled to be set free but she didn't want to be left. She felt his possessiveness. Seeing a strong independent, cat-woman like girl struggle and lose all strength, Vivek smiled to himself. He loved to take control of that silly girl at times who always acted as his Wonder girl. He knew very well that she loved it when he did that. He held her for few more seconds and she stopped wriggling. His lips broke into a smile first and then changed into a wide grin, his teeth showing bright. With his left hand he removed a strand of hair that came on her face. She blinked her eyes continuously. He rubbed his fingers over brows and let her go.

She stood there still, for seconds looking at him with an expression that said, ‘Why did you leave me?’ At the same time she also felt a sudden surge of embarrassment which made her face flush. 

Aisha's hands were still warm with his strong grip. In order to hide her emotions she turned away from him to look at nature, just to hide her blushing pink face. Her heart beat which had certainly crossed 80 by then made her stand on a rock. Vivek looked at his girl in amazement and followed her. She held her hands wide open and felt the breeze hitting her face. She was in a place where she could just hug the clouds. She turned around with a child like enthusiasm on her face and held out her hand towards Vivek, "Come on dude, come here. You must see the view."

Vivek followed what she said. They admired the beauty of nature together . "Let's explore this cave," Vivek said.

They explored here and there for a while when Aisha suddenly realized that it was time and looked at her watch. "Oh my god! I need to go back in an hour. It'll take us one hour to reach home."

Vivek was busy looking around when she tugged his jacked and insisted on getting back. "We can come here again, Vivek. It's an amazing place, but please drop me back."

"Okay madam, as you instruct," Vivek said obeying her and understanding her plight.

"Don't you worry baby, your super hero will zoom his bike and you'll be there right in time."

They rode back through the same route but Aisha wasn't relaxed. She was perspiring. Her face showed tension and he saw that and raced his bike a little faster, but he kept assuring her that nothing would go wrong. There was light already and people were there on the roads -- sweepers with their bamboo sweeping sticks, auto drivers, health conscious people and daily working class.

They were about to reach Aisha's apartment when she instructed him to drop her on the next lane in the corner. He didn't have any clue as to why she wanted that but at that moment he just chose to stay quiet and let her do whatever she wanted.

She asked him to put his bike on stand and said, "Move a bit."

He agreed without saying a word.

She took out her shoes from the bag, removed her slippers and replaced them inside. She rolled up her white socks, dusted her shoes and wore them. She took out her hair band and tied her hair in a knot and took a final look in the rear view mirror.

She removed his jacket and gave it back to him.

"That was a lovely ride, honey. I love you. Bye."

Aisha was about to turn back when he grabbed her hand and pulled it towards him. His lips were on hers.

That was a strong and a passionate kiss and he left her immediately. She looked at him, turned around and jogged towards her house longing for more...

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