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For The Love Of My Niece
For The Love Of My Niece

© Swati Tyagi


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Not having an elder sister is the second best thing in the world. Of course, the best thing is to have one.

 “What is this doing in Didi’s closet?” I entered the room with her bra in my hands

“Why did you open my closet” She was mad.

“Grownups need to wear that. Put it back in place” Mom had to intervene.

“No, only married people wear that” I shouted.

“It’s not like that” My parents were laughing. My sister was too embarrassed to say anything.

“How can she get it when I don’t?” I was still angry, when my mother took me to another room.

This was not the only incident. I always demanded for the things she had and most of the times she gave them to me. She hated and loved me at the same time.

First time when I realized I cannot have everything that she has, was when she got married. She refused to give me her purse (a gift from my brother in law). Then, she refused a t-shirt (he loved to see her in). It felt like someone has snatched away my sister from me. I hated him.

I assumed he was my competition, but he was just a threat. The real devil was yet to arrive. After 24 years of my life, my niece was born. Through a glass I saw her for the first time. Lying in her crib, she was somewhat red in color, so tiny, so delicate I fell in love with her immediately.

Not only my sister, she became apple of the eye of everyone around me, including me. Time had changed and now Taru (my niece) wanted everything that I had, including everyone’s attention on my wedding day. Not to mention, she succeeded.

Taru was three years, when I got married. Her dress was better than mine and her hair was beautifully tied up in a bun. She looked like an angel but she wasn’t allowed any make-up. Not that she required any but she wanted. So, she was there looking at me enviously, when I was getting ready.

“I want a kiss” Taru came running to me, as I put some lipstick.

I smiled and bent down to kiss her cheek, but before I could realize, she rubbed her lips on mine and looked into the mirror.

“It’s good” She said to herself in mirror and ran outside.

Didi and me burst into laughter.

Yes, having an elder sister is the best thing in the world, but having a niece, no matter how devilish she is, is totally out of the world. It’s the most amazing experience.

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