Being Independent

Being Independent

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I’ve always had a dream of being independent. Being independent doesn’t mean being financially independent. That’s just a part of independence.

For me, being independent means to breathe, and doing what you love, living the way you thought your life would be.

I’ve been in relationships, I’ve had emotional attachments, and every time I thought I won’t be able to live without that person, but in actual, no one dies. We gradually become independent and start living our lives without them. Yes, we miss them, but our lives never stop.

Yes it’s true that we all need a helping hand of love cause life breaks us at a point. But what’s the use of that helping hand if it’s not a constant one?

It’s better to let go. Stop looking for a hand to clasp in darkness, fleeting to rest your weary souls against their shoulders.

Life moves in a blur and you sometimes forget that it’s you and no other human who rules over you.

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