The Fortress

The Fortress

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She was twenty one and a half and at the prime of her life.

Despite being protected and cherished all her life, she knew her way around the world. There wasn't a better time for her to explore it, than now and she knew this. So, when she got a chance to leave her home for a while, she took it with all the enthusiasm she had in her.

The first things she faced were problems of a new culture - something that stood like colourless mountains in her path. They grew and grew so much, she was sure she wanted to just give up and run back home, where everything was warm and cosy and where everybody knew and respected her for who she was. Here, in a brand new city, she felt like an insignificant nobody with issue after issue building a tight fortress around her. She couldn't breathe. Even the people around her seemed indifferent to her.

That was when she decided that she had just two options in her hand: sit in a corner of the fortress and wait for Death to take her away or drill a hole through the walls around her to release herself, before they completely suffocated her.

She pondered over her options for a few minutes. She weighed each one of them with utmost care.

She made up her mind. She lifted a determined head and looked around her. She smirked.

 “You're going down!” she whispered.

With that, she chanted the magic words, her voice ringing out in determination. Runes formed as she uttered each syllable and filed together like a brick wall themselves. She raised her arms and they rushed at the walls of the fortress with inhuman force. The walls around her crumbled down like dead leaves off a tree - one by one glinting in the light of the Sun, as though impressed by her strength. Her smirk turned into a genuine grin of happiness.

It was on the other side, where the grass was greener, that she saw him - the strength behind her will.


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