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An Adventure With Santa
An Adventure With Santa

© Rakia Ali


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It was Christmas Eve's night. Jason Blossom sat on his bed, determined to see Santa Claus this time. Like many other kids, he was told that Santa existed, but unlike others he wanted proof.

He stayed up for an hour but then he started tired and sleepy. He tried hard not to sleep but the feeling got the better of him and he fell in a deep sleep.

After some time, he suddenly had a tugging feeling as if some one was trying to wake him up. He flickered his eyes open and saw... Santa Claus himself! Standing, looking down at him. Jason was startled and couldn't believe his eyes.

He sat up and asked, "Are you really S-S-Santa Claus? If yes then what are you doing here? You can't show yourself to people.

Santa replied, "I can,but to only some special children"

"I am special"

"Yes you are, my child"

Jason was surprised but also curios . He wanted to know some things and its's not everyday you meet Santa Claus himself. He started bombarding Santa with questions. He asked, "Do you really have reindeers or a magical sleigh? Do you have a factory in the North Pole? Do you have elves who work for you?"

Santa said, "Whoa, whoa calm down kid, I'm going to answer all your questions, but first you have to help me."

"With what?"

"With distributing gifts, of course. We'll start with your sister Cheryl."

Jason was awed. He was chosen to help Santa Claus with distributing gifts. He followed Santa to his sister's room. Santa took out a long box covered with a shiny pink decorating paper.

They moved slowly out of the room and from his window, Jason joined Santa on a sleigh pulled by nine magnificent reindeers. The odd part was that it stood perfectly in mid-air, then he remembered that it was magical.

They glided through the night stopping at each house in Riverdale. They even stopped at his best friend Polly's and her sister Betty's house, at Archie's house, at Jughead's and even at Veronica's, distributing gifts at each house, in each sock that was dangling from the window.

After distributing all the gifts, they went back to Jason's house. "Can I tell my friends about you and our adventure", Jason asked.

"Actually you can't, it should be a secret, but don't worry when you wake up, you will feel as if it was a dream".

"A dream? are you kidding me, how can this be a dream?"

"You'll see". saying this Santa disappeared in thin air and Jason woke up with a start. he saw a gift lying at his toe. He picked it up. it had a note on it saying 'Yes I do have a factory and elves who work for me in the North Pole.'

There was no name on it. Then suddenly Cheryl entered the room shouting,

"Merry Christmas, bro". She was holding a box identical to the one Santa gave her in his dream. With that he knew he hadn't been dreaming.

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