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Diary Of A Special Slime
Diary Of A Special Slime

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Dear Diary,

My name is Jack and i am writing because i am lonely and need to do something to pass my time. My only friend is Paul, who is a chicken but sometimes he tells me that he never wants to see my face again. The reason why i only have one friend is because i am a slime, and as a slime i should be able to jump and bounce, but unfortunately for me Notch has programmed me as a slime that can slide only. You see, us slimes have such eyes from which we can only see other mobs when they are jumping or bouncing. If you were wondering diary, yes, we slimes can see the environment and non-living things around us. But for some reason,i am special, I can see mobs when they are not jumping or bouncing too and i cant jump or bounce. Weird right?Anyways while i was walking in a forest today, i spotted some mob which was yellowy-orangish and had some black dots on it. It also made a meow sound,a sound which i had never heard before. Tomorrow, i will go into the forest again and search for that mob, so that i can be friends with it :D


Dear Diary,

I met the weird creature which i had seen yesterday. Turns out the creature is called 'Ocelot', and it hates slime. Yah diary, it hates slime. Turns out that i risked my life today when i went searching for the ocelot. Apparently, i found the ocelot after a long walk of about two hours. When i found the ocelot [who's name is Keal by the way], i did not know what to say to it, as i only thought of being friends with it yesterday. Turns out [ yah i am using turns out a lot of times] that i did not need to say anything to Keal as he started the conversation. He said that i should quickly run away to my home, because his group of ocelots was nearby, and ocelots hated slime. I quickly turned around to run[slide] but then i realized that Keal had said that ocelots hate slime, but Keal did not look like he hated me. So i turned around and looked at the ocelot who was laughing at me. For some reason he was continuously saying lol . I guess ocleots are smart because after i turned around, Keal noticed me and said that he was not lying, ocelots really hated slime but for some reason he does not hate slime. After Keal said that i was confused, so I asked him why he did not hate slime. The answer was not what i expected at all. Keal said that for some reason he is special and he does not hate slime, and his group members had thrown him out of their group because he did not hate slime. I quickly got excited and told him that i was special too. We both were surprised from each others answers and we both began sharing our stories with each other until night. I told Keal that i have to go home and he asked me if he can come with me. What did you think i would say diary? Obviously, I welcome everyone to my house and so I told Keal that he could stay at my house and choose any bed he wants[my house has 5 beds as i am always expecting new visitors and friends]. When i came home, i saw that Paul was not at home and he had left his feather at the front door[weird, Paul is always so strict about keeping the house clean and tidy and i recognized Paul's feather because he has weird greyish white feathers. Yes, Keal did ask me about Paul but i told him not to worry, Paul will be back by tomorrow morning. I made a new friend today diary and i hope that I will make more soon!


Dear Diary,

I woke up today to find that Keal was sleeping and Paul was not at home. I cant lie, in the deep corners of my mind i feared the worst for Paul but i quickly shook it off and got out of my bed. SSSSsssssss, SSSSssssssss wow, Keal was actually snoring. I had never heard the sound of snoring even though Paul told me once that i snore really loudly. Ocelot's ears must be sharp because as soon as i switched on the light, Keal woke up. We both exchanged a good morning and went outside to stretch. We quickly freshened up, and thats when Keal noticed and asked me where Paul was. I did not want to worry my friend so i told him that Paul had come home, but he went out again. Yep, i was correct diary, ocleots are really smart. Keal understood i was lying and he told me I'm a terrible liar. Well, i had to tell him the truth now, so i told him that i hadn't seen Paul. He did not seem to worry though and told me we should go huktingg or something like that for breakfast. I had never heard the word huktingg before, so I went along with him. Turns out huktingg means killing animals to eat them. I understood that after an innocent sheep was killed by Keal for eating. I quickly stopped Keal from getting his second kill and told him that I grow vegetables and i will give him some. Keal did not know what vegetables tasted like, so he went along with me. After i gave Keal some vegetables, he seemed to be in love with the taste of it. Keal told me we should go vegetable huktingg in the forest, because there are many vegetables there. I went along with his plan and before we knew it, it was night time. Keal and me gathered lots of vegetables which i had never seen and went home. I hope Paul comes back home tomorrow because i'm worrying a lot.

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