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The Unusual Night
The Unusual Night

© Ishan Ghorela


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This was not like other nights in his life. It was after the day when his emotions went off road only to make him realize that no matter how hard he tries he can't escape what he longs for. It was 3 a.m. in the night. He went into his balcony only to cry his heart out and whisper all his pain to those silent stars with whom once he used to share the butterflies in his heart.

It wasn't like he was feeling that this time he was having some extra powers to wipe off whatever happened instead he was just wondering again what had happened. He knew he couldn't do anything to change it. He was just waiting for this phase to pass. But the thing with time is that it will start ticking more slowly when you don't want to live that moment only to make more deeper impression of that moment. During times like these we often become weak and for sure the same happened with him. Against all his will he kept drowning in that sea of memories and once you let yourself go , it's tough to get back from where you dropped off.

The same butterflies again, he began to doubt the pain he was in as if nothing ever happened. Things back to their perfection. The joy of having everything and feeling of wanting nothing grabbed his soul. With passage of every moment his faith in this illusion started building a castle of doubt against his reality.

The moment he was about to throw himself completely, the first daylight broke and his friend entered the room asking if he didn't sleep at all !! The pale look on his face was replaced by a smile to hide everything he was into while at backstage of his heart he gathered the courage to clear all the mess and throw this little bag of griefs into a corner where it will wait for another such night to take its place again and then he said with the same smile "I just woke up early" and then there was another day, again !!!

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