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Regret – A True Story
Regret – A True Story

© Nikunj Patel


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Unconsciously I opened my eyes and looked beside at digital clock.

“Oh my God…!! 6:02 AM…!! Maths tuition class…!! Oh NO…!! Today I gonna be late for sure…!!”

I quickly flung the blanket and hurriedly got dressed. I packed my bag and grabbed the Activa’s key.

‘Tuition must have started now… Oh God!’ my mind was chattering and I was feeling panicky.

While riding my Activa to tuition classes I encountered a newspaper hawker taking turn on the road. He had all the newspapers on the carrier of his bicycle; he stopped himself to let me pass first. He applied the brakes and all his bundle of newspapers fell and scattered on the road.

As I observed it, my fingers went on to press break, but my mind ordered, ‘You are getting late…! Accelerate…!!’

I accelerated my Activa and looked in my side mirror glass. That man was collecting all the scattered newspapers on the road.

Halfway through I realized I should’ve helped him back.

My heart was saying: ‘Go back and help him, you idiot!’, but –

My mind was forcing: ‘You are getting late!’

Between the battle of both, mind prevailed!

I reached to the tuition classes almost sweating and what do I see?

The teacher had not come!

That very moment I felt like going back to help that person or just say sorry to him, but till then it was too late.

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