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The Words Of A Saint
The Words Of A Saint

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Once upon a time a Learned Saint lived in a village . He was greatly appreciated for his wisdom and capability of bringing an  amicable settlement to villagers’ problems . The saint had studied all the epics and Vedas. He never discriminated between high and low caste people. He welcomed all with open arms.

The saint had a sturdy and tall horse. He loved his horse very much. He rode on his horse daily for at least one hour. He fed him nutritious fodder and the horse had become very strong. The saint passed half of the day looking after his horse. He wouldn’t tolerate anything said against his horse; he loved him so much.

Sometimes some people criticized him saying that the saint wasted a lot of time on the animal. They were of the view that he should spend major period of his day in studying more and more.

The saint did not like this and left the village. He went to a forest, made a hut and began living there with his horse. He passed his day either in studying or looking after his horse. People came to know about the saint . Now  everybody knew that he had a well-fed and strong horse. Even the king wanted to have a horse like this. The king sent a message to the saint through his messenger. The messenger said, “The king wants to see you with your horse.”

The saint agreed to go to the king’s palace with his horse. Seeing such a strong and tall horse, the king expressed his wish to have it. He said to the saint, “ I know you love your horse very much. I admire your affection for it. But if you do not mind, I would like to buy it at any cost.”


The saint humbly declined saying that he loved the horse like his own son .  The king bade farewell to the saint and gave him many presents.

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