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50 Rupees And A Sale!
50 Rupees And A Sale!

© Srinivasan Jagannathan


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"Ritu, I am starting to Khudara Dhukaan, for buying grocery" said mom. While Ritu freshing up, priya stalled her way stating "This time I will go with mom".

Ritu protested that last time also priya went and denying her turn this time.

Priya pleaded that this would be her one last time and let her go with mom next time for sure.

Priya also offered that she will bring kachori for younger sister.. Ritu demanded priya's barbie doll as well for which Priya agreed.

From the door, mom called.."Ritu, Shall we start?" For which priya replied "we can start, Mom". "This is Ritu's turn, last don't you came with me priya", mom said.

Priya replied Ritu cant lift the heavy bag so i want to help you this time. please mom! Please!

Mom knows about her daughter.. last time mom bought color pencil for priya. this time you shouldn't demand any item, as father insists

that money is grown out of trees.Mom wont take ride in auto, have to walk till the market. she started purchasing items one by one.

Mom gave handful of roasted channa to priya and started having conversation with owner about his family and their day to day problems.

While eating channa, Priya started to think how to bring the topic to mom. Mom big adieu to shop owner, both bearing bags in the hand started walking slowly.

"Mom would you have bought everything. shall we start to home?" Priya inquired with hesitation.. yes, straight to home, mom muttered holding bags with both hands.

Isn't right time to ask or not, Would she get angry with all this thought in her mind priya said "Instead of going in auto, if we go by walk, wont we save 20 rs"

Mom understood the motive behind the question and let her talk further to see where it goes and said "Yes, what you are trying to say now?"

"Nothing, there is an old book shop around this corner, shall you buy me a color notebook? only with colour pencil what could I do?

Buy me the notebook which cost less than 10rs otherwise not required. I will promise you that wont fight with Ritu and colour the notebook sportively.

Mom agreed and bought her a notebook, then on the way Kachori shop came, if she demand she would get beating so she kept quiet and crossed the place as it wasn't there

After walked down a couple of lanes, they found a paper lying in the road. It is not just paper it is a fifty rupees note on the road.

Mom knelt down and took the note. "Rupee belong to whom?" Priya asked.

"I don't know, someone would have mistakenly left" mom turned her head around. "Then leave the note where it belong you have advice

me not to touch other's money, Don't you?"

"You are right Priya, we will give to a beggar" with compassion. "Charity should not done in others' money, leave the note where it was,

original owner may come back in search of" Priya said. Mom looked at Priya with pride then left the note in the same place.

This incident happened twelve years back, still its in vivid memory of Priya because mom kept repeating this incident often with pride in these twelve years, their life has changed a lot. Kirana shop changed into shopping mall; colour pencil has been replaced with candy crush; kachori to burger. Bargaining became "offer". Person who hesitate for auto ride, are now riding in ola cabs.

Today priya remembered this incident because mom said to buy dress for her and husband for first diwali after their marriage. Mom said the budget is 5000rs

Even though priya working in an IT company she buy dresses within her budget. She remembered an anarkali churidar bought by her colleuge on sale with discount of 100RS.

She went to shop along with her husband and to his surprise bought the anarkali model which cost them 4900 after discount of 100rs.

He was wondering what made her wife to buy such expensive dress. Usually she buys within the nominal budget around 1000

Priya hasn't changed her mobile for past five years still holding the old sony xperia. After shopping, priya came out of the shop and it was raining

She booked a ola for return journey. Car came and while she tried to enter inside the car, mobile fall down in the pit filled with rain water.

when her mobile drowned in water, her husband asked to change it with new mobile. However she repaired the mobile spending 4900 for repairing and replacing the mobile display.

When we are thinking twice to spend our hard earned money?

Why don't we respect others' money?

What has been changed between the young priya and grown up?

Priya now realized the problem with her. Mobile ringed, priya took the call and answered "yes mom, I have boarded the train, will reach the home by 5 hrs.What mom? About dress? I have bought it cost Rs1000.. No mom, it was looking good I will show once i have reached there " Priya's husband understood the mind change with her and was happy about it. Priya climbed her upper birth and slept calmly keeping her mobile aside.

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