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The Ghost And The Courage
The Ghost And The Courage

© Varun Choudhary

Children Drama Horror

2 Minutes   8.9K    136

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At midnight, he woke up panting. With teary eyes, he called his mom to be safe.

He had a terrible dream that day. He saw a little girl with white complexion in black dress coming out of the room adjacent to his bedroom. She looked angry which made him scared. He tried calling for help but felt mute at that moment. He tried running but crippled. In no time, the girl slit his throat with a knife. He felt as if he was losing his soul. He got to know death better.

All wet in sweat, he was telling his dream to his mother. That night, he quit something. He stopped going to that room of his house. After that day, he always felt that someone is there in the room to kill him. This fear has made a long lasting impact in him.

But one day his elder brother told him that there is no ghost in that room. The ghost is nothing but air. Either this imaginary ghost can scare you or you can scare it. The moment you enter the room, the ghost would disappear like air. It won’t be there when you decide to fight it. You won’t believe me until you check that room yourself. You are scared because it is new to you. In future, you will find many ghosts which are nothing but challenges of life. You will feel scared to face them. You will feel that they break you up. But they can’t. Confront them as you are bigger than those challenges.

Although he was scared at first, but he decided to trust his brother and went inside that room. There was no ghost but he found courage. It is courage that will help him throughout his life to confront his fear. The moment he lost the sight of fear, he was able to see courage to face life.

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