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Without Destination
Without Destination

© Sanaya Ross


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Without Destination, Sleepless, Solace, Empty space, unwound, unbound, relentless, ticking time, travel without destination, planets gather without reservation, no matter, extensive universe... beautiful star crash into me... Everything this shadow touches, crumbles into me, internally lost forever, existing only within me... how I long to touch these beautiful things so close to me....

I become, an extensive horizon of a black hole absorbing all of gods greatest creations, brilliant, bright , white star, how the deepest, darkest, depths of my inexistence long to touch them if only for a moment.... shooting star, how I wish to be anything but this destructive being of nothingness.... How I wish I could hold them close, how I long to let them in... With out all collapsing... vanishing into nothing...

From afar gazing this soft, delicate silhouette, drifting closer without intention, mesmerized, hypnotized, Every way I approach, closer and closer to touch, I shatter this gentle thing...silently... desperately reaching, know I not of this destructive thing I am, fire works ignite through the vacancy of galaxies... spectacular sight of sadness...absorbing into me, casting fires within the sky's of heaven... the most beautiful, fragile thing, Selfish, deep, nothingness, all is lost within me...... ... ... glimmering shimmering, glittering, embers of everything I love... all that is meaningful remains only in stark ashes of hot embers raining down throughout me.

I am the greatest, most, infinite, darkest nothing matter to ever exist without existing... Swallowing all into abyss... the longest, sweetest sorrow, how I long to touch this graceful star.. Nothing only brings delay of nothing to come... I do not wish to hurt them...

Lovely, beautiful, endless, sleepless, relentless, lonely, space.... without purpose, existing only to be lost here forever... waiting for all that is beautiful to drift into my path, so I may destroy it too.

Looking in, there is a vision of myself, Slow, Fast, Crash... So strong, so intense, glorious illumination brings the realization.... I will never hold them.... nothing knows how to map my location… because I do not exist.

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