The Captive_Episode 5

The Captive_Episode 5

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Story so Far: A captivated girl kills her captor, escapes and runs. She collapses unconscious in front of a brick house. The residents of the house call the police and ambulance. The girl has been taken to the hospital. The police find the house where she was kept as a captive. And investigation begins.

This episode:

A face stuck with ghastly expression stared at her from the photograph. A pool of blood was strewn on the floor, where it drenched.

'Anthony pastor', Madhuri declared his name, 'And he was a pastor.'

'A godly man?' Kruthi spoke with an eerie indignation.

Madhuri was calm. The girl was looking at the photograph, still and frozen, raw pain in her eyes danced like a monster on fire.

'He was a monster.' Madhuri said taking the photograph which Kruthi handed her back.

'He was the devil's servant.' Kruthi spoke, the last word servant was almost a whisper.

'Should we continue?'

Kruthi nodded. She had questions. She wanted to know more about him. 'Is he married? Does he have any children?'

'He has a son.' Madhuri answered. She exactly knew how Kruthi was feeling. A godly man, a husband, a father - how could he do such bad things. He did not touch her, but he was a part of the crime. And if preachers of religion whom people trust for protecting good, for imbibing righteousness are actually helping evil and crime, what is left of humanity?

Kruthi stared at the floor blankly. She was thinking of how she had thrust the knife into his neck, how she had run that day. The ECG showed erratic lines for few moments, and then they resumed to normal.

'I want to see more pictures of him.' Kruthi said staring at the floor. The pain in her eyes was more evident now. Madhuri removed two pictures from her file and gave it to kruthi.

In one picture, he was dressed as a father and had this innocent smile put up on his face. If Kruthi had seen him like that, she too would have believed him to be a father on face value, never knowing what evil lurked inside. The other picture was a photo of his pan card. She handed them back to Madhuri.

The clerk recording the statement was then called and the process resumed.

Madhuri asked about the day she had escaped. She narrated the entire incident of how she got the idea, and how she had sharpened the wooden splinter against the metal of her cot, how she murdered him, now she know his name 'Anthony Pastor'; his face stood in front of her eyes for a few seconds and the ECG again showed unsteady pulse.

It was called a day and Kruthi was asked to take rest by the doctor. The girl was going through a post-trauma syndrome but according to Madhuri, she showed exceptional strength.


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