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An Explorer'S Curse - Chapter 1
An Explorer'S Curse - Chapter 1

© Rahul Thaker


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Prologue 1497 AD (DIU - India)


"Jesus Christ. This place is cursed. This Goddamned place is really cursed. Hurry up crew members and leave this place as soon as possible." The captain of the ship screamed towards his team members.


“But captain please cool down and catch your breath. Please try to understand that we have found the biggest discovery in the history of mankind. This could change our lives forever. How we could leave it unattained?" The man who was the second in command to the captain argued.


"Look Vasco. It’s true that you have discovered it and you have every right to own that miracle but wait and look at yourself. Just register the changes happening to yourself just after your adventures with your discovery.  Thus believe in my words. Please leave this horrible place and join us on the ship“ Captain said with the authority.


Vasco was not in the best of his mind. He just looked at himself and examines the changes happening to him. He realized that the captain was telling the correct things. For the split second, he decided to follow his command's order and leave this place but in next fraction of time he again thought otherwise.


Vasco took the long breath and almost shouted towards his captain "With due respect Sir; I would like to be with my discovery. I will not come with you."


"OK. It seems that, you have been overpowered by your findings. Well than it’s your choice and I would not interfere in your matter." Captain replied and move towards the ship which was ready to sail in the sea.


All the crew members took the stands on the deck. They have been waited for the order from their captain. Vasco was watching them from the shore.


The captain climbed on the deck and shouted "So Vasco, good bye. May the Lord Jesus be with you?”


"Mark my words captain I am the next Lord.” Vasco laughed.


Present Day / Diu


The time was one past midnight. Two male drunk tourists were roaming in the fort road of the Diu town.


The fort road which stars from the bus stand of the town and it ends at the most famous monuments of the town, the famous Fort of the Diu .The road run parallel to the bay. One edge of the road has the long water body while the opposite side has many hotels and restaurants.


The two drunken tourist now have passed the lines of the hotels and now they were approaching towards the end of the road, towards the fort.


Just before the fort, there is a small garden. The garden is too situated on the banks of the bay and ad joint to the fort. It has small area of grass loan with few benches and some play area for the children.


Two drunken have now just passed the gate of the garden. The area was totally dark and lonely. There were no any activities were registered nearby.


Due to the alcohol they both were not able to concentrate on anything. They have forgotten were their hotel was and they could not identify the building. Their steps were not in rhythm and they have handed each other's arms for the support. The surrounding blackness was adding to their miseries.

And at that time they hear some strange noises coming from the dark garden.



Some strange noises were coming from the garden near the fort.


The two drunken men heard the noises and went towards the source of the voices.

The noise was very loud and could chill the spine. It was like a sound of stone has been crushed in the stone crusher machine. With each set of noises, the soil also seems trembling.

It sounds like a broken machine. It also sounds like in the some disturbing echoed manner. That was in addition of the darkness making the atmosphere a horrible place.

The drunken went inside the garden. They both seem frightened by the environment. They were looking here and there but could not locate anything.

The voices were coming nearer and nearer and they could not locate its source .The feeling of fear and frustrations were coming on the same time. They wanted to run but their legs could not support their desires.

All of the sudden hey felt that someone is standing just behind them.



The drunken felt that someone is standing behind them.

One of them, who had taken the less drinks and have some conscious compare to his partner slowly turned to his behind but saw nothing. Just the darkness nothing else.

His partner who was now literally trembling and could not able to stand properly wanted to say something but could not place the sentence.. After hard efforts he said with the broken Tung “Yaaaar! Ahh... Lets. go ...from here."

Before his partner could answer, again they here the noises coming from their backside.

The less conscious drunken turned his backside and saw the source of the voice.

What he was totally unthinkable and unbelievable.

A giant stone man was standing there. He wore traditional Portugal outfit, with the sailor cap and compass in his one hand. He was exactly looking like the sailor .In his other hand, he was a carrying a big stone hammer.


“Who... Who... are... you?" asked the drunken.


The man answered with stoned and echoed voice," ME Vasco... VASCO - DA -GAMA"



“Me Vasco-Da-Gama" stone man replied

The drunken were not believing what they where witnessing. The creature was standing in front of them.


One of them said “Wh... Wh... What you said... Vasco... What? "


The stone man replied with echoed voice “Yes... Me... Vasco...Vasco- Da-Gama ". He lifted the hammer and ready to have the blow towards them.


His first blow came on the shoulder of the one drunken. The blow was such a huge that the sounds of cracking the bones were audible. The target screamed with greater amount of pain and agony. He loosed his balance and fell on the ground.


As if the creature is not satisfied with his performance, the stone man again raised his hammer and hit on the neck of the fallen man. This blow turned out to be the fatal for the fallen man. His body began limp as he passed away in just seconds.


Other drunken vomited after watching the brutal scene and eventually fainted with the alcohol and fear.
The stone man just looked at fainted man. He goes away in the dark.



Hardeek is walking on the Nagoa beach, the most famous beach of the Diu. He was carrying beer tin in his hand.


He just came out from the sea after long swimming in the sea. He became tired and he needed some rest and energy.


Hardeek was the partner in the detective agency called 'Honest Consultancy'. He along with his brother Ameet was running the agency. He was in Diu for many days. He was on his vacation and he was enjoying his stay here.


He bought the beer on the beach side bar and just started to walk on the beach. He walked towards the end of the Nagoa beach.


Nagoa beach is the most happening space of the Diu. The area always occupied by the flow of the tourists. Many tourists choose to swim here as the beach is sandy and the water is safer for the swim. Some chooses the various water sports like Jet-ski, speed boat, Para-gliding etc. The entire area is full of activities.


After few minutes, he was about to reach towards the end of the beach. After that there is little rocky shore with big rocks and the sharp cliffs.


At the end of the beach, there is small hill pop up from the water. That hill is about 100 meters from the banks. Upon which there are three big English alphabets have been placed D.I.U. This glows after the dark.


Hardeek finished his tin. His thirst was satisfied. He again dived in the water and started to swim towards that small hill which consist big alphabets.


Once he reached there he sat on big rock for the rest. He started to observe the surroundings. The entire hill was rocky and in many ways it was also hollow in which the waves of water enters. The sun was setting and it was time of high tide. The big waves were coming with the great force.


Hardeek was enjoying the waves being hit on the rocks and the cool breeze atmosphere.


All of a sudden one big wave came with the great force. Hardeek opened his arms to welcome the water. It was the giant wave. It covered many parts of the hill. The water went inside the hollow parts of the rock.


When the wave went back and water level descends, Hardeek saw a strange glass bottle carrying some object came out from one of the hollows.



Hardeek saw a strange glass bottle just came out from the space of hollow under the small hill in the sea.


Hardeek bent himself on the rock and starched his hand towards the water which was coming out of the hollow in order to get hold of the glass bottle.


He carefully picked up the bottle and started to examine it.


The glass bottle was the dark brown colored. It was made by very thick glass. Its opening was sealed with very tight cork.


Hardeek examined the bottle from each side and also from upside down. He quickly understood that he had found a very rare and ancient mode of communication.


In the ancient times, especially during the sea voyages, this kind of glass bottle was used by the sailors to send the massages. The communication could be anything from weather reports, causal massages or sometimes the SOS.


The bottle was semi-transparent with the shades of the brown cooler. From the first glance it seems that some long and round object is kept inside. May be some kinds of papers were rolled up and place them inside this bottle.


Hardeek tried to open the cork with his bare fingers. He tried to pull the cork but with his extreme efforts he could not open it.


Now the area has been totally dark so without putting an extra effort, Hardeek decided to bring his findings to his hotel room.


So he quickly came out of the sea and directly headed towards his hotel room carrying a strange glass bottle.



Hardeek took the glass bottle in to his hotel room.


His hotel was very near to the beach. Hardeek hide the bottle under his beach towel and he quickly went towards his room. Once inside his room he tagged 'Do Not Disturb ‘sign on the door of his room. He firmly closed the door than again checked it to make sure that it has been closed.


Hardeek placed the glass bottle on the writing table of the room. He lit the reading lamp of the table. Entire table glowed with strong pale yellow light.


He again started to observe the bottle very closely. The glass bottle was the dark brown colored. It was very thick glass bottle. Its opening was sealed with very tight cork.


Hardeek again tried to open the same with his bare fingers but result was the same as it was earlier. He could not open the bottle.


He thought something and opens the closet of his room. He took his luggage, unzips it and took out one big pouch. He unzip the pouch, it was full of various tools.


He took out one screw driver. He pressed the nip of the screw driver on the middle of the cork and applied the pressure on the top of the screw driver.


An entire nip inserted in to the cork. Then he put the bottle between his thighs and applied the firm grip on the bottle tucked tightly between his legs. Later he griped the top of the screw driver and pull out it quickly. The cork came out.


He closed his one eye with his palm. He bent and tried to look inside the bottle with his open eye.


Something long round shaped object was inside. It was looked like some papers had been rolled up and bound in the round shape.


Hardeek inserted his two fingers inside the bottle and tried to fetch the roll. He could not succeed in this task.


Again he inserted the screwdriver and with its help he carefully took out the paper from the bottle.


He observed the paper, thought for some time and placed the call from his cell. Once the call connected he said “Big B please does come at once as we might have a new case”



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