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The Garden Of Reflection
The Garden Of Reflection

© Sehrish Khan


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I used to spend hours in this same garden. Admiring the beauty of these same flowers as something I'd never be. The tranquillity of these violets, the confidence of these orange lilies, the tenderness of these jasmines, and the cheer of these tulips. I'd hoped and hoped that someday, I would be able to call myself one among them. The idea of befriending these blossoms, lured me into this garden. Once I saw them, knew them, absorbed their beauty, scented their perfumes, and perceived their significance, I felt drastically undermined. That is when it hit me. That, is when I knew, regardless of the hours and hours I spend among them, I would never fit in. I would never be able to match their beauty or any admirable attribute they possess. Despite the ignominy I felt, I could help not but love every, each one of them. I'd never be able to tell why they thought me capable of their friendship.

I'd never be able to tell why they didn't see me as the misfit that I was. I'd never be able to tell why they welcomed me as one of their own. I'd never be able to tell why I wasn't dismissed as done by the humans. I'd spend every waking minute in the admiration of their traits, and wonderment of their flaws, if they had any. The first few days I spent, their assets seemed to increase with time. The more days I spent, I began to see their flaws, which mattered non existentially beside their assets. They were so easily ignorable. They trusted me enough to let me see through their beauty, and they hadn't been wrong.

My admiration never lessened, my love never hesitated. After what felt like the expenditure of centuries in the garden, I decided to ask a bloom all the questions I failed to answer. I asked it all the puzzles I thought I could never solve. I asked it "Why, do you think me capable?" The garden smiled as in at an inner thought. I was lying with my hair in the roses and my skin touching the lavenders. The daisy whispered to me in reply, "Because, silly girl, we do not have eyes. We just perceive what's supposed to be your soul. And dear dear, is it beautiful, just like one of our own." That is when I found my place in the garden of beauty and reflection. The night I spent thereon, felt like the first ever despite what seemed like centuries that I had spent. I then realised, I was just as tranquil, confident, tender, cheerful, and beautiful as a flower.

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