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For Theirs Was A Love That Never Died
For Theirs Was A Love That Never Died

© Surmayi Khatana

Classics Inspirational Romance

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She walked in, looking stunning. He stared at her with an open mouth. She gave him one glance and moved away, yet his eyes were set on her all the way. She confidently went around socialising, bubbling with chatter. He glanced at her every moment but reverted his eyes whenever she caught his gaze. She still had the softness in her eyes and the merriness in her voice. At the end of the day, when she finally came to talk, there was no sweetness left. Cold eyes replaced the soft ones and a harsh voice replaced the merry one. Yet among all the coldness he saw some warmth, some love. He knew he had broken her, he knew he had hurt her. So he took all her insults without a complaint, as there was hope that her feelings still remained. She opened the door unsure of herself, yet put on a confident smile as she entered. She saw him looking at her, and ignored the flutter in her heart. She spoke to everyone she knew, she received all the compliments. Whenever she glanced in his direction, he'd always be staring. She tried cooling the butterflies in her stomach, but they went on flying. He still looked the same with the same deep eyes. She went to him to have a word with him out of courtesy. She knew she had been harsh in the past, and both of them had been wounded, yet that didn't stop her from mocking him till the day's end. She taunted him, and spoke offensively, but all he gave was a knowing smile and looked ahead. The smile made her soft once again. She felt warmth in her heart, felt that there was hope, knowing he hadn't walked away at the insults made her soften some more. Both of them walked out that day with optimism in their hearts.They had some sliver of hope, that perhaps their love wasn't lost, perhaps the other still had some love, no matter how much it had hurt. But neither told the other how they felt; they waited for the right moment, the moment when they would be sure. Maybe someday they'll get back together and be happy once more. Perhaps the fire of their love would ignite once more from its embers, just like a phoenix, for theirs was a love that never died.

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