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Drama Tragedy

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Ramen was not a brilliant student. He was not a bad student too. He was a mediocre student from a very lower middle class family. His father had a small shop in the nearby market. His mother was a housewife. Ramen completed his master's degree this year from a not-so-famous college at their town. He scored not so good but a high second class in the final examination.

Now, though he wanted to study further and appear for the entrance examinations for some good government institutions to try his luck, he could not afford the course fee even if he cracked those tests. Inside he also knew that he would not be able to crack the high profile tests since it was a proven fact that he had never been such a brilliant student. His second option was to sit for the examination of government jobs. For that he also had to get admitted to a reputed coaching center since the competition was too tough these days. His father could not even afford the tuition fee for the coaching center. So, that was also not a good choice for him. So he started to help his father in the business.

He wanted to increase the income of their family and eventually get married to a girl and have his own family. So he tried to become a school teacher. But bad luck for him since he needed a B.Ed degree for that. He could not even afford to leave his home town to get admitted to a good B.Ed college. So his only option was to help his father in his business. He did not waste any time. He joined his father's business and started to look after it. But the earning was not enough for Ramen to get married and have a new family, though his father had saved a necessary amount for his son's future. That was their last resort.

In the meantime the technology around the world also changed rapidly. A battery run four-sitter (excluding the driver) rickshaw hit the roads of suburbans of Bengal. It was almost pollution free and unlike pedal rickshaw, it did not require physical labor or toil. It was popularly known as Toto. Ramen wanted to buy one and asked his father for some money.His father also thought that it was not a bad idea. Anyway he had to expand his business to afford his son's future. So he agreed to meet the local councilor for the advice regarding the permit. The councilor asked for some money. He paid the money. Then the councilor said that he would make the arrangement for a permit soon. He bought a toto and started his new life as a toto driver so that he could marry a girl and have his own family like his father had done once.

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