Friends Forever

Friends Forever

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 “Neelam, hurry up,” said Prithvi, “we’re getting late.”

 “I’ll be down in two minutes,” replied Neelam. 

 In twenty minutes, they were in a school auditorium. They had come for celebrating parent’s day as their daughters had taken part in a play.

 Prithvi and Neelam were childhood friends. Prithvi and Neelam had gone to the same school and college. Their parents were proud of them and always approved of their friendship. Prithvi and Neelam had a great bond of friendship. They had enjoyed their best times together. Their friendship was an example for others.

 Prithvi had completed Architecture and Neelam Interior Designing. Once they started their careers, their parents decided that they should tie a matrimonial knot, and get married to each other.

 “I’m in love with Puneet and Prithvi with Suman,” said Neelam to her and Prithvi’s parents. The two couples looked at her with shock and surprise. Both the parents were unable to understand that their children had chosen a different life partner. 

 Prithvi’s parents met Suman and Neelam’s parents met Puneet. Suman was a beautiful girl but, her behavior was that of a spoilt brat. Prithvi had overlooked the fact that Suman was very bossy and didn’t complement his personality. Puneet, on the other hand, was very handsome but, from a middle-class family with a lot of responsibilities towards his younger brothers & sisters. He was working as a Senior Marketing Executive in a finance company for a meager salary.

 Prithvi’s and Neelam’s parents didn’t approve of Suman and Puneet, not because of their financial backgrounds but, their personalities. There were a lot of arguments and at last Prithvi decided that he will leave home if his parents won’t agree. Neelam, on the other hand, told her parents that she won’t marry anyone except Puneet and if they force her, she would commit suicide. In this entire fracas, Prithvi and Neelam were supporting each other.

 Prithvi’s & and Neelam’s parents had no choice, but to agree. Prithvi got engaged with Suman and Neelam with Puneet on the same day at the same place. 

 After one month of engagement, Prithvi was devastated. “I’m sorry about Suman, Prithvi,” consoled Neelam. “If only she was more careful about her driving. I loved her so much,” cried Prithvi. Neelam was always with Prithvi after Suman had died in a car accident. 

 Puneet didn’t like Neelam supporting Prithvi through his grief. Frequently, Puneet accused Neelam of spending more time with Prithvi than him. Puneet started to fight and argued with Neelam all the time regarding Prithvi. Neelam was getting annoyed with Puneet’s doubts and verbal abuses. She wanted to stop fighting with Puneet and decided that she would tell him that she will not see any more of Prithvi, other than necessary. She also thought of telling him that she wants to marry him soon. She called Puneet’s office and found out that he was on the field. 

 Neelam had an appointment with a client at Hotel Milan. She was waiting for her client and she saw Puneet having lunch with a beautiful girl. From his mannerisms, it seemed to Neelam that they had an intimate relation, but she kept all her of doubts aside. Probably the girl was a client who wanted to discuss the terms of a financial product during lunch time. When curiosity got better of her, she got up and started walking towards Puneet to greet him and end her curiosity regarding that unknown girl.

 As soon as she reached behind the pillar, which was very near to the table and within earshot, she heard, “It was so easy to convince Neelam of my love to her, just wait for Sheela till I get my hands on her dad’s business,” Puneet confided to Sheela. “I hope she doesn’t find out before we get our hands on her fortune,” said Sheela. “I’ve webbed the plan so well, there’s no way she will know. Nowadays, I’ve begun to fight with her on the pretext that she ignores me and gives more importance to Prithvi. I think in a day or two, I’ll get a call from her saying that she wants to marry me ASAP. I know she must be feeling really guilty about sidetracking me.” Sheela grinned and said, “You are such a devil. But, be careful.” “Don’t worry, once I get to marry her I will take over a big share of her fortune, then accuse her of cheating on me and get a divorce. Then I’ll marry you, Sheela. By then I would be rich and will be able to take care of my family responsibilities easily," grinned Puneet.

 Neelam didn’t believe what she was hearing. She started feeling giddy. Her whole world had come crashing down. Though she was very hurt and angry, she found the courage to confront Puneet then and there itself. She wiped her tears and appeared before Puneet. He was very shocked to see Neelam, but he immediately changed his expression to being glad to see her. “Neelam this is Sheela my client and Sheela this is Neelam my fiancée,” mentioned Puneet formally. Neelam was so angry that she slapped Puneet. He got confused. “I heard everything you said to Sheela. I never want to see you or speak to you again," said Neelam. She threw his ring on his face and walked away. Puneet and Sheela stood there staring.  

 When Neelam narrated the whole episode to Prithvi, he was shocked, but her parents had anticipated something bad, already. Neelam felt cheated and duped. She felt that she was misused and taken for a ride.  Prithvi stood by Neelam and supported her through this tough time. Neelam and Prithvi both understood that true love was not which they had with Puneet and Suman, but what they have for each other. 

 After six months Neelam and Prithvi got married and in four years they were proud parents of two daughters. Now, they have a wonderful and happy life together. The play got over. Their daughters received the first prize for a very good performance. 

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