My Most Inspirational Incident

My Most Inspirational Incident

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I was 10 when my parents went out of India leaving back me and my elder brother alone at our abode. We bid them adieu. My elder brother was usual habitual but it was my first time that I was staying alone away from them for 8 days. I was in fact very frightened, worried, and upset but simultaneously I was blithe that they will be going overseas for their first trip to foreign.

The first and second day went very slowly and we both were of mixed mood not fully happy nor fully sad. Third, fourth. Fifth day was my school and classes so it went very apace. At the sixth day, while coming back from my school I was walking down the street and 3 men dressed like a gentlemen started following me but when I used to see behind they would hide themselves. When I came to know that they can cause me harm I changed my way and instead of going home I went to my tuition building the 3 men started running and they stopped me. I got scared and started praying to god to help me. They three took out knives and started asking me information on myself and family. For some time I remained quiet but after some time one of them twisted my hand and covered my mouth so I can't shout. I thought that I would be kidnapped but I was wrong. They continuously asked my address as they came to know that my parents were not at my home. After that they asked me to say my father’s phone number but when I refused they told me if I will not tell then they will kill me so I got very scared. I told my father’s no. and started to talk to him. They told him that," they have kidnapped me and they will cause me harm if you don't tell the proper address." my father got scared and told him the proper address.

Then my father called police and my brother and told the entire incident. The police came and hide at different places in my society they were keeping watch at my home. After some time the men released me and told me to go back to my home. I ran away from there and while I came at my home they were following me. The police saw them. There were 4 policemen. When the kidnappers saw them they removed their gun and started firing they harmed 2 of the policemen and ran while running one of the injured police officers came in front and tried to stop them and the kidnappers shoot him away but till that time the other police officers caught them.

The act of that policemen had inspired me a lot .It was the most inspirational act of my life I got to see ever in my life. When my parents returned they asked me everything that had happened that day. I narrated the whole day's problems to him and thanked my father to call the police at the perfect time.

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