A Mystery

A Mystery

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There she goes.....
The one who waited
She got the first message from a stranger stating hi.
She just ignored it... luckily or unluckily she got message from him again..."Hello", she then decided to reply
She texted, "Hello...."

Soon he made her fall for him. It was all a dream for her, she realized he was her dream boy.

The relationship had many ups and downs but they came back to each other without ego...

In this period of paradise, suddenly the boy texted her, "Good bye....."

This broke her down to pieces, all the trust went in vain... All she wanted to know was the reason for him leaving her.....

She felt depressed.

He didn't reply to her messages; didn't answer her calls. When she called him for the last time, the call was answered by his mom.

After that conversation, she made up her mind to reach her goal first.

She had promised his mom that she wont be calling him again.

She decided to meet him but in future... Only she knew that he was her remedy for that tragedy...

Then she reached her dream goal..... that guy...... but his mom had passed away in the meanwhile..... all that happened was strange....

A mystery....

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