Oh My Uber!

Oh My Uber!

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Getting late for the meeting, I decided to book a cab. Of course it was UberPool, that's what a middle-class boy living away from home in a city like Delhi does. After 30 minutes of booking the ride, arguing with the driver about my exact location and his sweet gesture of cancelling that ride after making me wait for 20 minutes in the blazing sun, I booked another one. ‘Your cab is arriving. You are pooling with Disha’, a notification popped on my phone screen and I started smiling ignoring the people around me. If you stay single for a long time, even the thought of sitting next to a girl does wonders. A phone call from the driver kicked me back to the reality and I rushed to get the cab. 

The cab arrived. I sat in. I saw her and I did not even blink for some time. The girl sitting inside was actually what you define as beautiful. With her fine makeup, perfect red lipstick and straight coloured hair, she took my breath away. When I was just looking at her making sure she doesn’t notice, “Where do you have to go?”, asked Disha in a voice that could make any guy fall for her. “Sri Venkateswara College”, I replied after realising that I had just been looking in her eyes for last few seconds having said nothing at all. After another pause and gazing at her, I asked her the same question. “Select CITYWALK”, she replied, this time uncomfortably. Awkward silence followed. Then came the heart breaking moment, her destination had arrived. The cab stopped and she stepped out saying “thank you” so politely that all I wanted was to go and thank her for speaking.

The rest of my journey was all about complete silence and me looking out of the window thinking about her. Thinking about how I could have initiated a good conversation to hear her voice or to know her better. But now, she was gone.

My destination arrived. I said, “ Thank you! Can I get Disha’s number?”, and laughed. He gave a weird look and I cursed myself for being so stupid.


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