What Is Reality?

What Is Reality?

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Where is reality, what is reality. Is reality the one we see, the one which is all around us

OR The one that we perceive is all around us.

Is reality the people we know to be around us OR the lives and the world we live in a reality.

What is reality? Because lately everyone around us lives behind a mask, a mask that makes them seem beautiful and pretty on the outside? Make them almost figure you out makes it seem that you know them and make you resize that you understand. But at the same time when put to the test can come to deify.


Then what is reality because the people all around you, who you knew to be the people, who they are OR the person they are. They are not.

Why do they wear that mask are they afraid like me, are they not safe like me.

Why do they wear that make?

 Why is reality that not we perceive but what you see OR what you thought it is.

Then what is it or is it not


Then what?

Do you ever know the people you really know OR you think you know them OR in some parallel universe. You think you know that you know what they’ll do but at the same time appeal to what they might have in them.

Then what is reality then.

Is it what you believe in OR is all just an alluring reflection which you believe to be your true reflection and chose to be correct but actually is laterally incorrect, and yet when you chose to believe you are just believing in a lie, which was not the reality in the first place?

But you chose to believe it because it was your version of the true reality, the reality that you wanted it to be


So now what is reality?



What is reality?


This intricate mindset of things were the mind governs are wisdom, knowledge, emotion, action, consequences and the future based on the actors is reality.


 Are we just some fifth dimensional being where we chose to believe the reality we deem comfortable & just waver through. That these realities are just some random cards drawn out of the deck comfortable to our optical nerves and the network of neurons we call brain and its optical illusions we call life.


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