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The Intuition
The Intuition

© Charu Vashishtha Gulati


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"Didi, Didi,... Please rush here. Papa is motionless. Mom is inconsolable...."

The Rest of the words which she heard were garbled. 

Suddenly she woke up. There were drops of sweat on her face. She looked at the phone lying besides her. It was 3 am. 

It was a dream.

A bad dream.

Thank God it was just a dream.

She got up and strolled a little across the lobby outside her room to get back to her senses.

She came back to her bed and slept.

It had been 2 days and she had not called her parents. They hadn't called her either, The latter was alarming.

She called up her mom around 11 am from office.

The first time, she didn't pick up the phone.

She called again after 5 minutes.

This time her mom picked up the phone.

But she sounded tense.

"I will call you in 2 minutes."

And her mother hung up.

This was quite unlike her mother. She became increasingly anxious. 

Minutes passed but her Mom did not call back. She could not concentrate on work.

She waited for time to pass.

An hour passed somehow.

And she called up her Mother again.

This time her Mother sounded relaxed.

"Beta, I could not talk earlier because your Papa complained of some discomfort as soon as he got back from office."

"What discomfort?"

"Heartburn. Probably due to acidity. I applied ointment on his chest and he felt better."

"What side if the chest did the pain occur."

"Left as well as right."

"It may be due to acidity then. Like always.

It happens to me too. But please refer the doctor."

"Yes. We will go to the university hospital in the evening."

She felt better after the conversation with her mom.

Next day, her mom called up . The routine daily call.

"Ma, did you take Papa to Hospital? "

"Yes. The ECG was fine. The doctor gave medicine for acidity."

She felt even more better.

In the evening she called up her father.

The conversation was pleasant. Her father was looking forward to her visit in the upcoming weekend. 

A huge sense of relief washed over her whole being as she ended the call with her father.

She had a very special bond with her father. He was her friend, her guide and her philosopher. The only person who truly understood her. Truly loved her.

2 days later she received a phone call late in the night.

"Didi, Didi,... Please rush here. Papa is motionless. Mom is inconsolable...."

The Rest of the words which she heard were garbled.

Half awake she checked the time in her phone. It was 3 am. 

There were drops of sweat on her face. 

Only this time it wasn't a dream.

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