Angel Came In Hell

Angel Came In Hell

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At midnight, 79 years old paralyzed grandma was crying silently in her bed. She had wet the bed peeing on it. She was cursing her fate for being in such a miserable condition. She was burden for her family. Nobody cared or gave much attention to her – except her granddaughter.

One night that girl heard a voice of crying. She slowly came to her room and turned on the dim light. Pee was dribbling on floor, which was unnoticed by her sight. Room was suffocated with disgusting smell. She pressed her palm over nose and went near her, “Grandma, why are you crying?” asked whispering, “Had bad nightmare?”

Grandma nodded weakly with flood of tears.

“Can I help you grandma?” asked wiping her tears.

Grandma nodded and pointed at white medicine bottle with fluttering fingers.

“That bottle you want?” she asked pointing at it.

She nodded in quivering coldness of pee.

She took out a pill from it and poured water in glass without making any noise.

As girl said to open her mouth, grandma shook her head. Again she pointed to that white bottle and opened her toothless mouth. Girl opened up the lid and looked at her crying eyes. Grandma opened her mouth as wide as she could and gesture to gulp all of the pills.

“Grandma, you are saying to gulp it all at once?” asked arching eyebrows.

Grandma nodded weakly with open mouth.

She emptied full bottle in her mouth and lifted her head a bit to help her to drink water.

Disappeared smile emerged on her wrinkled face.

Little girl wiped out her mouth with hanky and asked smilingly, “Now you’re feeling better grandma?” asked in her innocence, holding her wrinkled cold hand. 

Grandma nodded with a faint smile.

“Now, don’t cry grandma… Mom says nightmares aren’t real… good night grandma.” said kissing her cheek.

Grandma smiled with heavy eyelids. As room’s dim light turned off, her soul rested in peace.

GOD himself came to her in an Angel form to take her out from hell.


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