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Believing In Love
Believing In Love

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We often find that sometimes we're so damaged in life that we don't realize when love hits us. Everyone wants to be loved. Love pushes us forward from the unknown, and suddenly everything becomes so clear and certain. But when you're so emotionally wrecked, things seem too good to be true. We lose out on the good stuff in life.
Sometimes the damage is so severe that we inflict physical harm on ourselves. We're ablaze with emotions that over power whatever we believe in. We want that pain. We want to feel anything but numbness. We want to erase the void in our hearts. We drown ourselves in it. Maybe that's why we get attached to others. We're only trying to fill the holes and fix the jigsaw puzzle of our lives. We strive to believe and hope that one day there'll be someone who stays forever and makes forever sound possible.

I think I've reached that place in my life where the void is slowly disappearing. Where love seems stronger than anything else I've ever felt. Where attachment is out of pure emotions and peace because I can't feel numb anymore. I don't want to feel numb anymore. That driving force is building up inside of me once again. All because I've found someone and it feels more than just attachment. He gives me inner peace and makes me feel like I was never damaged to begin with. He's erased negative thoughts from  my mind and made me believe that someone like me can be loved. And that I deserve it.
I hope one day everyone finds a love that strong. That one person who makes the world seem so simple and beautiful even when we all know it's not. When talking about the hard times and the rough past is okay because he still loves you the same anyway, and maybe even more than he used to. And the way he looks at you, like he has his world in front of him. Once you get that kind of love, it all seems worth it.

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