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Cup Of Milk
Cup Of Milk

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It's been three days. No groceries available at the nearby market. Not even milk or eggs. The five year old Duru is mainly fed with milk and fruits only. Why such scarcity of things? There is a civil unrest. Wait a minute, it's time to pack and leave for life.

All the people from the hamlet were ready to leave their houses. The small water boats were made ready for transport. Duru's father Jhamat and mother Devki packed all the necessary belongings and some food but no milk. Duru was really upset leaving her home, her place of love, her farm, her pond, her garden, she was hungry but still asking in the native language. "Baba when we will come back" The disgruntled father replied, "Soon child, after the bad season is passed."

With some content, Duru obliged to leave. Devki was upset because she didn't have milk with her daughter as she was hungry since morning. She had not been fed properly since a couple of days.

On board on the boat for 5 days. Duru became extremely weak. Devki carried 'Kutty' (sweet granules made from wheat flour) and water knowing the trip of life ahead is not rosy. Duru never liked eating kutty but her mother forcibly fed her some morsels of it for survival.

On reaching the new land. The family was provided with luxurious tents. Sea view and sky view both were the perks for them. Food to them was thrown in packets and was very limited. Duru became extremely weak. She was not fed properly since last 8-10 days. Initially she used to crib but looking at the tears of her mother and frowning father she got the mood of the situation.

After 10 days, her father Jhamat saw a herd of cattle coming towards the sea shore. He requested to the cattleman for some milk. The cattleman offered him a job at his farm and have him some fresh milk for home. On the arrival of milk Duru was all joy. She was this happy after a very long time. Looking at her joy the mother also became happy.

Life was getting steadier. The new dawn had arrived for them. The most important thing was, the cute Duru received her cup of milk daily on the land of Annapurna.

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