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Most people have had someone that has made an important impact on their life. For me, it’s always been my sister. My sister inspires me to be a better and stronger me. She has always consoled me in my tough times and scolded me when I have made a mistake. No matter what the situation is, she has always been there for me. Her hard work and intelligence is the reason why I admire her so much. I always look up to her as a role model. A goal is never too small for her and no obstacle too big. She is someone who never gives up and just focuses on what’s more important.

I have always had an inferiority complex. I lack confidence in myself and the decisions I make. My mother and sister have taught me that everything is unpredictable in life. Instead of worrying and thinking about what is going to happen, just relax and enjoy life as it comes. When I was younger, I was always scared of speaking in front of a crowd. I would worry of what others would say or comment. My sister gave me the confidence and taught me that the world is always going to mock you and insult you but you should have the courage to smile back at them. My mother made me realize that no matter how hard we try, we cannot make everyone happy. Going all the way to make someone happy by pushing yourself, hurting yourself is not worth it. It is better to do something that makes you happy.

I have always had problems in trusting someone. But my sister is someone who I trust more than myself. When I look into her eyes, all I see is a person who loves me so much, unconditionally. But her love is not limited to her family. During her first year of college, she used to feed a stranded dog. It used to starve by the street. My sister started feeding a packet of biscuits to it every day. She got very attached to him. On returning from college one day, she realised he was no more. She is so emotional that she cried for hours till my parents explained to her. My sister has always been there for me and I have tried my best to do the same. She has taught me to be a better person.

My family is the most important to me and they are my true inspiration. Someone doesn’t need to be famous or popular to be inspiring. My sister is not famous but she’s important to me. She makes me realize my true worth. People always compare us, but she knows my individuality and she encourages me to be a true person. She is the one person who accepts me for who I am and doesn’t tell me to change myself.

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