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The Little Himalayan Girl
The Little Himalayan Girl

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It was a cold night and there was no sign of electricity since two days.A small girl with hardly any clothes and no footwear was trying to warm herself against the boiler room wall of a silk factory where her family worked as night keepers. A family of 6 including this little girl had come in search of work all the way from Nepal to another remote place called Kashmir which has been burning with what some called mutiny and some freedom struggle.

Destiny has a say in what we do or what happens to us. Employer of her father became grand father whose son was a doctor settled all the way in Bangalore and there arose a need for a maid who could double up as a house maid and a nanny. One fine morning this little girl named Rupa took her first ever flight from Srinagar to Bangalore accompanied by her masters wife. There was an excitement in her eyes but at the same time there is this fear that she needs to fight living away from her family even though she would be leading a much comfortable life but its always difficult to leave your parents.

First day in a big city she was made comfortable by her new masters who took her out for lunch and shopping. She started to live a better life and her new masters promised her parents that they will sponsor her education once their toddler is old enough. Time passed by and Rupa got along with her new masters who looked after her really well. Every time the master bought something for her daughter, something similar he got for her too.

Rupa is came along really well and started to learn how to read and write and in no time started speaking fluent English and looked after her masters kid so well that they both were inseparable.

Time flew and it was time for the toddler to start her play school and Rupa got to go along with her.

She got all the possible luxuries that she could not even think of, back in her home town or even where her family resides, who live in a single room.

Rupa got a room for herself and the toddler who had grown to recognise people around and found a best friend in Rupa who looked after her when it was not even expected. It all looks like a happy small family and then one day to the shock of her master who got hold of her phone and was shocked to see her conversation with some guy and who has been sharing his nudes with her.

This left her master in shock and disbelief who cared so much for her that he was shattered. He was so shocked that he immediately decided to send her back but before doing that he confronted her and Rupa accepted the fact that she had fallen in love with a boy who used to work in an office near by and who she had met during the times she used to over look the toddler when she used to play in the apartment complex.

Panic stuck in the master's head and he decided to send her back the very next day. She was asked to pack her stuff as the flight was scheduled early next morning. Suddenly, when she was packing the master decided to check on her and to his shock he realised that Rupa is missing from her room and they tried to understand as where she could have gone.

They looked around in the house, in the apartment complex and then on not finding her, rushed to the police station to file a missing complaint. On reporting the matter to the police, it was discovered that Rupa is a minor and keeping her as domestic help could lead her master to jail. On knowing all this there was panic in the entire family including family back in Kashmir and the whole idea of not finding Rupa was sending shivers down their spine.

It was around way past mid night when every one was still trying to figure what needs to be their next plan, Rupa miraculously rang the door bell and entered the silent house to every one's disbelief. On asking how did she leave the house for which she replied she jumped from the first floor balcony leaving everyone astonished as how could such a small girl dare to do such a thing.

She had left the house to be with her lover who she waited to meet but was left with no option but to return to her masters house as no one turned up.

Her master was relieved but at the same time angry but had no option but to let her go and make sure she is off on the next flight to be with her parents. Next morning Rupa packed, back to her parents to the same old life of struggle and hardship and the toddler who was grown to a small beautiful girl called Annaya still missed her and longed to see her some day.

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