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Wanderlust Woman - Part 4
Wanderlust Woman - Part 4

© Amritha Prem

Drama Thriller Tragedy

3 Minutes   2.3K    264

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Our Lakshmi and the little girl who came with a camera are gone.

'How, what happened?'

The guide showed him the video he recorded. Her happy memories turned to become a footage news now. All news channels covered the incident vastly. Unaware of all these, Karthick dialed her number.

'Hello,' said a sharp voice.

'May I know who is speaking?' Karthick asked anxiously.

'Sir, this is Gowtham, Munnar local police. Priya has met with an accident. We are searching for her. Can you please come to the spot,' he said relentlessly.

Karthick couldn’t understand a word or sentence. He stood still.

'Hello sir, are you there?'

He didn’t reply.

'Sir, stay strong. Please come quickly.' The police cut the call.

Karthick switched on the TV. He saw the flash news, he could see Priya and the elephant taking selfies one minute and the next minute both sweeping into the water. He informed his parents about the same and began to drive. He had gone for several solo trips but this trip ripped his heart away. Each of his living cells fumed in despair.

I will find her, he said to himself. Every spot prompted him to miss her more. The cold weather made him remember the messages she sent to him. The raindrops gliding on his windows reflected his current situation. I should have accompanied you Priya, he cried. His body and eyes couldn’t move any further. He needed rest. He parked his car aside a tea shop and ordered one lemon tea and cigarette.

'Baby, the lemon tea is yum here. Let’s drink lemon tea at morning. What you say?'


'We live only once baby!'

'Her painted nails surrounding the glass' tumbler picture was sent next. He smiled seeing her baby hands and green colored paint.

'Your nail paint looks like tit-bits chocolate Priya.'

Two tongue-out smiley came as replies. His cigarette burned his fingers. He paid the bill, washed his face and began driving. He reached the spot by 12 noon. The whole place was crowded and the manager looked worried. He lost his daily-bread, reasonable he thought to himself. The local police addressed him and took him down the hill where the accident occurred.

'We couldn’t find their bodies,' he said straight.

Body! His nerved bulged.

'Calm down Karthick,' he heard Priya's voice behind his pierced ears.

'My intuition says we can find her sir.'

'Can you tell me the geographical area of this location and which tribe or group of people stay near the riverside area?'

'Why do you want these details sir?'

'Can you help me sir?'

'Hmm, this surrounding area is a prohibited area sir and the tribes who have settled here are Muthuva and Hill Pulaya tribes,' explained the officer.

'Do you know any translator or local who can communicate with them?'

'Yeah, the local guide can help you. I will talk to him.'

'Thank you.'

'Karthick sir what about the elephant?' Asked the manager.

'Will search for him too,' Karthick added.

To be continued...

Thriller tragedy drama romance love selfie elephant english story storymirror

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