The Room

The Room

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In a city named Ayurganj in Versova since 25 years there lived a guy named Majla kirki. No one knew his real identity because he was called by this name. He hated girls and was murdering a large number of girls, but not getting arrested because every time he was bailed. Since year 1992-2016 a large number of girls- Sushila, Anaida, Manjari, Riti, Sunaina and a total 1000 girls were killed. Such cases were increasing day by day. He used to take disguise of different women.

Sometimes as an old woman, sometimes as a girl with salwar suit and specs and sometimes as an ultramodern working woman. Every time he used to make friendship and then abduct and kill. Suddenly he called a teenage girl for job.

First he was talking nicely. But when he was about to kill that girl suddenly she started running and entered in another room where she saw spirits of murdered girls and they were screaming and telling her to go away and her life was saved.

Now whenever he tried to kill other girls, those dead girls appeared before them and saved them from him. In this way girls are rescued and murder has stopped now. Ayurganj is safe and girls can travel anywhere. Those murdered girls' spirits have taken their revenge and killed him. And now parents feel secure in sending their girls to go out. Earlier the whole city and area was filled with fear because of this guy and girls going missing.

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