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Demon Of Addiction
Demon Of Addiction

© Rahul Dogra

Drama Fantasy Action

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He was sitting over the porch, sipping the hot black coffee. 

‘Not bitter than my life.’ He thought and his lips twitched.

She walked towards him, he knew as he could hear her heals tapping against the floor.

‘How did you forget about me?’ she asked as she stood by him.

‘I can’t ignore you for long can I?’ he replied, without looking at her.

She sat beside him, taking the cup of coffee from his hand

‘Not bitter than your life.’  She said after sipping it.

‘What are the plans of tomorrow?’ she asked.

‘I want to relax for a while.’

‘You can’t honey, think over your plans for tomorrow.’ She asserted over the word think.

He burried  his head over his knees, ‘I don’t want to.’ He murmured.

‘But you can’t what about the plans for day after tomorrow? What about the fact that you are alone in this world. You don’t have friends do you? You haven’t given this thought much attention lately. Also what about your failures? Or how your life is nothing but a misery!’

He stood and rushed to his bed.  ‘Let me sleep please!’ he begged with tears in his eyes.

She passed a devilish grin as she walked towards his bed. She sat over the edge and looked straight in his eyes.

He stared back with little hesitation and finally dozzed off to sleep.

‘I will be back again. ‘ She said and disappeared in thin air.

The demon of his over thinking thoughts vanished, but as he knew only for a little while.


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