Perfect Imperfections!

Perfect Imperfections!

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The day I met Mr and Mrs Kapoor, it changed the way I considered life to be. The new neighbours, a lovely couple, always holding each others hand, always praising each other as the beautiful gift of God. There was something special about them. Lot of trust on each other. Lot of love they had. I was leaving for the college and that is when I first saw them holding hands to cross the road. I couldn't notice anything else apart from the strong trust they had on each other from the way they held each others hand.

I could wait to see this daily on my way to college. This was not the only thing, I admired the way they spoke to each other, very actively. Their world just consisted two of them. It was like they never had anyone else in their lives. They were so into themselves. One day on my way to college, I didn't find them. I went to their house. I saw a doctor coming out of their house. I asked to the Doctor- "what happened? Is everything fine?".

Yes, Mr. Kapoor has mild fever, Doctor said.

I went inside to see them. But Mrs. Kapoor was so tensed that she didn't sense my presence. I kept looking at how she kept cuddling him. Later something stuck to my mind. I saw her counting steps to move around the house. I figured out that she was blind. While on the way to kitchen, she hit herself to the door. Mr. Kapoor stood immediately to help her and I could not stop myself to cry noticing him to count the steps too. What a lovely couple.

I left there in tears. Next day I figured out that they both didn't know each others imperfection until a week passed and within this week they were deeply in love with each other. This is how perfect their love story is although they are imperfect.

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