An Unsettling Disease!

An Unsettling Disease!

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It was a dark rainy night. Callan was just getting ready for the bed when he heard someone ringing the doorbell. His parents were out for a late movie and hadn't returned yet. He gathered up courage and went to the door to peek through the hole in the door.

Upon reaching the door, the person started banging on the door loudly. When Callan saw through the hole, he saw his parents standing there and a man with his back towards him. The man suddenly pulled out a pistol and pointed it towards the parents. The parents, in shock, screamed and commanded Callan to not open the door. Just at that moment, a lady from the neighborhood arrived. The man with the pistol, upon seeing her, dropped the gun and fell down on his knees. The lady quietly and efficiently came towards the man, held him, and walked him back towards her house, which was apparently his house as well!

The man was the husband of this lady from the neighborhood, new there. The lady, after taking him back and locking him in the house, came back and told the still-shocked parents that she was sorry for what happened. What she next said took the parents by surprise. She said, " I apologize on his part. Recently he has attained a weird disease where he starts behaving like the last person he saw. He had been watching a detective show previously and probably started behaving like the criminal. There is nothing to worry about the gun. It was a toy gun. I sincerely apologize!"

The parents, still unsettled and discomposed returned back!

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